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The Nebulas – “Euphorion” – [Double Crown Records]

Cousin Mary   6/24/2024   A Library, CD

A stunningly good release from this New England surf band. Strong and energetic, well played and arranged. Authentic surf sound for the first few tracks that takes off into a more experimental space with the three tracks called Null Set. Math nerds know that the Null Set is empty, but not in this case! In Medias Res means (more or less) starting in the middle. Finally there is a bonus track of Logan’s Run that was recorded on a hand held cassette recorder.

The Coffin Daggers – “Eleki Album” – [Cleopatra Records]

Cousin Mary   6/24/2024   A Library, CD

Here is a remarkable album from this NYC surf band. Eleki is Japanese instrumental music from artists such as Takeshi Terauchi that is much revered by many surf musicians and fans. It has a particular sound and the Coffin Daggers have nailed it. Very spirited and well played with a distinct nod to traditional Japanese tunes. Wow!

Majestat – A Gift Before Death [Forbidden Sonority]

Number 6   6/21/2024   A Library

debut album from Russian horde that heralds growth surpassing the raw demo.  despite the production upgrade in which the tainted rawness for the sake of rawness is now vanquished, the songwriting has progressed several levels as a cohesive album.  it’s all in the songcraft details:  nuance, melody and attention devoted to the drums that stand out indicating a well conceived potential masterwork.  victorious and mournful epics rooted in local tradition as well as black metal standards set by Satanic Warmaster and more recent bands like Gauntlet Ring focus more on tension build up leading to a more rock oriented supremacy paired with the losses associated with such conflict. fists and horns up and over the slain enemy

Battalion of Eternity – III [Goatowarex]

Number 6   6/21/2024   A Library

set in a fantasy realm of piglets.   piglet knights and piglet wizards in fact, as described on the cassette insert.  not altogether a novel concept, going back to just about every old school prog rock album’s central Tolkien tenet not to mention Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards, the Russian instrumental 2023 release joins an ancient practice of synth and rock music that predates the Scandinavian Tolkien/Medieval bulwark that emerged as mostly intros, interludes and outros in the 90’s black metal scene. some went further and often almost entirely away from rock and metal (see Mortiis, Burzum, Trollheim etc).  Battalion of Eternity miraculously mushrooms within a strange  niche between occult psychedelic rock, Blue Oyster Cult and even some darkwave/deathrock densely lathered in dungeons and dragons synth foam by this lone magickal metal mystery piglet

Unessential Oils – “Unessential Oils” – [Secret City Records]

aarbor   6/19/2024   A Library, CD

Unessential Oils is a project by Warren Spicer, the singer in Montreal’s Plants and Animals band. Spicer claims to be inspired by jazz, folk and Tropicala – think Jorge Ben, Daniel Lanois, Miles Davis… This release was all conceived while bathing so some tracks are song like others more meditative. AArbor

Polyglot Cruising Utopias: Queer Artists At Work [coll] – [WFMU]

majesty   6/19/2024   A Library, CD

Jesse Doris hosts Polyglot, a late night radio show of “beats mismatched, new mystic moods, the International Style, pressed and dressed, queasy listening, new ways to fall, more is more, and backroom room tones. Jesse Doris is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NYC. This 12 track collection is a who’s who of modern queer artist musical excellence. Watch for the (purposeful) use of (slur) “faggot” on Bolivia-based Elysia Cramptons’ Abomination (Track 6), and marvel as LGBTQIA+ artists as diverse as Hillsong group Bethel Music to RuPaul Drag Race queen Honey Dijon pound them beats through this very drivable, very danceable, thoroughly re-listenable mix. Happy PRIDE 4VR!!!

Erections, The – “Complete 2003-2014” – [Pogo 77 Records]

beastofbourbon   6/18/2024   A Library, CD

The Erections is a Tokyo based band that was formed in Hiroshima in 2002 by bassist/singer/punk fashion icon Kentaro. Despite their name, The Erections aren’t an erotic/sex influenced punk band nor do they play the D-Beat/Thrash style that is popular in Japan. They  draw influences from Oi!/Street Punk styles of the early 80s, with a focus on good time songs about drinking beer, working class Skins/Punks, and pogo dancing. Rants against the police are as political as it gets. It’s pretty fun music with gang vocals in Japanese and English. This collection includes various demos, singles, and selections from other collections. Play it loud in a set with The 4 Skins, The Dicks, The Hard-Ons, and The Slits. Oi! Oi! Oi!

-Beast of Bourbon

Colleen – “Le Jour Et La Nuit Du Reel” – [Thrill Jockey Records]

Isotope   6/18/2024   12-inch, A Library

Colleen, also known as Barcelona-based French artist Cécile Schott, brings us delicate, shimmering sonic landscapes built from arpeggios and other brief sequences of notes. In this album, she uses a simple set-up consisting of monotonic synthesizer and sequencers. The all-instrumental two-LP set interprets “day” (le jour) on the first disc, which is a mottled gold in color. The second disc, “night” (la nuit), is mottled silver. Each named piece consists of three, four, or five generally short movements. The one exception with longer movements is the beautiful piece titled “Les parèntheses enchantées,” an idiom that means “a beautiful moment destined to end soon.” The music in this release is shimmering, trippy, and stimulating, but not harsh. The “day” album’s music is moderate in tempo, bright, and bracing, while the “night” album is introverted and calm. Play this excellent album and enjoy calming moments of mindfulness and catharsis.

Mattin – “Seize the Means of Complexity” – [XING]

Isotope   6/18/2024   12-inch, A Library

If you’re not resisting the machine, are you its puppet? Basque artist Mattin says yes, and his album focuses attention on the broken victims of our machine- and social-media connected world, “struggling with mental health, media obsession, need for attention and legitimation.” His album is a collage of noise, samples of popular artists and lesser-known ones, voice samples from Tiktok and Instagram, and assorted other ephemera. Listen to the music and contemplate how a welter of random messages cut with noise keeps you confused and paranoid. Mattin is a provocateur, and like revolutionaries before him, he wants to raise your awareness and incite you to action. If you like found noise assemblage and improvisation, check it out. It could provoke you.

Sam Snitchy – “Talking Talking” – []

Dr Doug   6/16/2024   A Library, CD

Sam Snitch’s second release Talking Talking is a lot of fun. Actually it’s a lot poppier than I expected from VooDoo records. There’s a lot of music for basically two people. All songs were written by Sam who does vocal duties, while Parco Fuorigioco plays bass, synths, organ and beats. Tobi Highm fills in on drums for tracks 2/5/8/11.

I hear a lot of the old organ driven bands from the 70s and 80s in the music, but Sam still presents a fresh and energetic, quirky release. Fun, high energy rock!

FCC’s clearly marked. Tracks 1/4/7/10.

This money conscious collector rates it an #8. If you find it used, buy it even if money is tight.

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