Live from Reykjavík, Iceland


September 15 and 16, 2017

KFJC's away team has arrived on the scene of the Icelandic Underground! Together with underground Icelandic music distribution service/magazine MYRKFÆLNI, we are broadcasting the sights and sounds of a diverse line-up of genre-busting Icelandic artists. The two-day festival covers Friday September 15th and Saturday September 16th and will go down at Húrra in Reykjavík.

Live from the Icelandic Underground is KFJC's 8th international live remote broadcast, followed by KFJC's coverage of the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia the next weekend.

Friday's lineup: AAIIEENN, DÖPUR, Godchilla, and Harry Knuckles.
Saturday's lineup: Holdgervlar, IDK I IDA, World Narcosis, Bárujárn, and SKRATTAR.


Saturday 5:17PM PST - SKRATTAR

Enjoy yourself in hell. Took an oddly enthusiastic turn after morose moments to relationship. Now Rage-ing. Jock jams rave bros from Iceland. Guttural Inna dance.


Saturday 4:25PM PST - Bárujárn

Surf. El Caminos tight barrels n theremin warblers. So pitted it was.


Saturday 3:40PM PST - World Narcosis


Saturday 2:54PM PST - IDK | IDA

Cracking crushing downtempo heavy machinery. Female vocals with vibrato.


Saturday 2:07PM PST - Holdgervlar

Morose disco female singer. Followed by Maybelline interviewing Ida of Idk | Ida. Yante, be cool concept in Danish. Excellent discussion of feminism.


Friday 5:09PM PST - Harry Knuckles


Friday 4:12PM PST - Godchilla


Friday 3:36PM PST - Döpur


Friday 2:51PM PST - AAIIEENN

Evolution. Evolving pedals. Electronic Engineer. Geometry math polyrythms. Clipped manner of speaking. 35 meter per second wind.


A short history of KFJC live remote broadcasts

KFJC has been conducting live remote broadcasts from outside of the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years. KFJC's first out-of-state broadcast was from SXSW in Austin (1994) and the station's first international live remote was from Brixton, England in 1996. In 2000, KFJC volunteers traveled to Dunedin, New Zealand to broadcast 6 nights of live music from the Otago Festival of the Arts.

The station's next international live remote was from Tokyo, Japan in 2008. For that event, KFJC also transmitted its first-ever live four-camera video stream. Additional live broadcasts with video include: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (Liverpool, England in 2014 and 2017), Eindhoven Psych Lab (Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 2015, 2016), Surfer Joe Summer Festival (Livorno, Italy in 2016), and Live from the Icelandic Underground (Reykjavik, Iceland in 2017).