Frequently Anticipated Questions

What is KFJC?

The South Bay's non-commercial, community and student radio station, licensed to Foothill College, and proudly broadcasting at 89.7 FM with approximately 100 watts of power, sufficient to cover most of the bay area from our transmitter site high atop Black Mountain.

"K. F. J. C."?

West of the Mississippi, all radio station call letters start with 'K' (and 'W' in the East). F.J.C. is Foothill (formerly Junior) College, our home.

Can I hear you?

Our listening signal range covers most of the southern San Francisco Bay Area, from as far south as Morgan Hill or Gilroy, to Daly City and San Bruno in San Mateo County, Oakland, Berkeley, parts of San Francisco (damn those hills!) and even Bolinas. Rumors exist that some Bay Area cable companies have chosen to add KFJC to their FM broadcaster selection. If you get us on cable, let us know the city and cable company. If not, then ask for KFJC by name!

On the web?

Definitely! We've been broadcasting over the net since 1998. We currently feature multiple feeds ranging from a slow 32kbps mono to a super high quality 320 kbps stereo. We continue to add capacity as this capability becomes even more popular.

How do I get in touch with KFJC?

You can call our main office number at 650 949 7260 during normal weekday business hours. We're all-volunteer so there may or may not be someone there to answer the phones. Leave a message if no one picks up.

How can I get a Public Service Announcement read over the air?

We only accept materials from non-profits (501.3c) or government agencies. At a minimum we need the following info:

  • Organization and Contact Information (address / website / phone number)
  • Information for the PSA (2-3 sentences about your organization, including types of services and the best way for KFJC listeners to get involved or use your service. Like when is it happening? Where will it be?). If you have a marketing piece, you can send that as well. One side note, if the PSA is accepted we nearly always rewrite it into standard KFJC format for our DJs to read over the air.
Mail materials to:

KFJC 89.7 FM
Attention: PSA
12345 S. El Monte Road
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Where do I send music from my record label or my great band for airplay consideration?

Send your LPs, CDs, cassettes and singles to:

KFJC 89.7 FM
Attention: Music Director
12345 S. El Monte Road
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Physical media only please. Sorry, we cannot return any of the materials sent to us. For more information, click here.

Who do I talk to about scheduling an interview with my band?

Interviews or live performances are generally coordinated by individual DJs. If one of our DJs has played material from your band he or she may be interested in having you into the station or interviewing you by phone. It's best to contact that DJ directly. Contact information can be found in the DJ section of this website.

How do I find out about that great tune I'm hearing on the air right now?

It's usually better (and far more dependable) to go to the Current DJ Playlist section of the website and see what's going on, but you can also try calling the DJ at 650 941 2500 and ask them. Be sure and call when you don't hear the DJ talking; if the DJ is on the air, they can't answer the phone!

Can I get a request played on the air?

Each DJ programs his/her own show and some are more open to taking requests than others. In any event, call them on the studio line at 650 941 2500 and see if they'll play a request for you.

Can I get a copy of the show/song/live mic you played on the air?

You're free to record directly off the air, and we maintain a 2-week broadcast archive but we do not provide copies of any of our material. The exception is the annual fundraising CDs that we produce as a 'best of' material played by bands who have come through the station.

How come my favorite show isn't on the air any longer?

We're an all-volunteer radio stations and the DJ schedule does change as a result. DJs have a life outside the station that often influences their ability to put time into their shows.

How can I improve my reception of KFJC?

A better antenna will always help. If you have one of the 'dipole' (wire) antennas, reception will be best if it's vertical, or horizontal and perpendicular to our broadcast antenna on Black Mountain above Los Altos Hills in the southern peninsula.

How do I become a volunteer at KFJC?

Easy. Just leave a message at (650) 949-7260 and give us an idea of how you think you can help. Alternatively, if you want to take the plunge, you can sign up for our training class to see what it's really like behind the scenes, and potentially start on the road to becoming a DJ at the station.

Who funds KFJC?

You do! While the station does receive some funds from Foothill College, as well as the facilities for the station itself, the vast majority of our small operating budget is raised during our annual fundraiser held each October, which is supplemented by other community events such as penny-pitches, film festivals and the like. Check out the fundraising link at the top of each page.