KFJC Training Curriculum

The Entry-Level Orientation at KFJC (previously called Radio 90A) is the gateway through which all KFJC volunteers must pass. After successful completion of the midterm test, those who wish to become a DJ can additionally commence a formal training program, which varies by individual but typically combines one-on-one training with an on-air DJ, followed by graveyard (2A to 6A) shifts, and then certification.

The orientation class is now taught both online and in-person on the Foothill campus on Wednesday evenings.


Section 1
  • Defining KFJC
  • Station Tour
  • Media Requirements
  • General Terminology

Section 2

  • Libraries
  • Music Handling
  • Alphabetizing and Library Filing
  • Air Names
  • Adobe Audition (audio editor) training and Voice ID

Section 3

  • Script Writing
  • Underwriting
  • Public Service Announcements
  • SCs
  • Station ID and Logos
  • Jock Training Program

Section 4

  • Voice and Diction
  • Microphone Use
  • VU Meters
  • Break Clock
  • Basic Business
  • Traffic Definitions
  • Jock Critiques

Section 5

  • Midterm
  • Giveaways
  • Logs
  • Playlists

Section 6

  • Board Operation
  • Observations of DJ shows
  • Radio Station Tour

DJ Training Section 1

  • Library organization and filing rules
  • Record and CD refiling
  • Music Computer

Section 7

  • Indecency and Obscenity
  • On-air Breaks
  • PSA Reading
  • Ticket Giveaways


DJ Training Section 2

  • Microphones
  • Policy Review

Section 8

  • Final Exam


DJ Training Section 3

  • Logs
  • Meter Readings


DJ Training Section 4

  • Equipment and Board Operation
  • Turntables
  • Tape Decks
  • Solid-state players, USB, etc.
  • Remote Sources


DJ Training Section 5

  • Half-hour full operation (repeated as required)


DJ Training Section 6

  • One hour full operation (repeated as required)


DJ Training Section 7

  • One hour compatible shift with scoped air check submitted to program director.

Once a student has passed the Midterm, they're eligible to start DJ training. The student is paired with an on-air personality and goes through these generalized steps during the weekly DJ air shift.

Upon approval from the program director, you're ready to fly solo - congratulations!