Mud Luscious

Filling in the irregular cones of silence in the KFJC schedule with poetic bits of every kind of sound, Mud Luscious thinks that e.e.cummings is still relevant, old ladies rule, and mud is what we are made of and what we go back to, over and over again. Ni babilu...

Last ten playlists:

Wednesday December 7 2005, 2:00am

Sunday October 2 2005, 6:00am

Sunday September 11 2005, 6:00am

Thursday September 1 2005, 2:15am

Friday August 5 2005, 10:15am

Thursday July 21 2005, 6:15am

Sunday July 17 2005, 6:15am

Thursday July 14 2005, 8:30pm

Tuesday July 12 2005, 2:00am

Sunday July 10 2005, 6:15am