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Cy Thoth assaulted the airwaves from his bunker deep inside the bowels of the majic mountain for seven years from 2006 - 2013.

"Let us ingest the pyromaniac mana of the under world hosts/and receive the unction of the narcotic carcasses of the ghosts/as we descend the spiral stairs and the circle of eternal return/to hear the voices of the damned & the possessed in the nether world...."

With these words Cy Thoth would prepare his audience for the assault to come, a non-stop violation of our consensual reality for four hours every "Thorsday" on kfjc. With his distinctive vocal delivery and super-impositions "a la William Burroughs and Gysin," Cy Thoth's Firebunker was required listening for anyone actively resisting the dominant paradigm during the dark years from 2006-2013.

2014 - 2020: Hear voices from the void and echoes from the bardo plane every Thorsday at where we will re-stream seven years worth of the Firebunker. Starting with his earliest show we will stream one show a week starting every Thorsday at 2pm. The shows will be available here for three weeks from their posting date.

This week's Firebunker archive:

September 26, 2019 -

With some regret and a measure of sadness we must inform you that this week's Firebunker has gone missing from our treasured archive and most egregiously it has come to our attention that there has been a goblin sighted within the walls our Sonic Fortress! Laughing maniacally in the shadows whilst dancing horrid goblin dances to the never ending stream of music that emanates from the monitors and radios here at the station. However, this is not the first time that we have quarrelled with his wretched breed and we acknowledge this recognized pitfall in the landscape of continuous operation terrestrial radio, for we produce, store, and manipulate that which these beasts covet most! A proliferation of abstract and subversive sounds that corrupt measured cognition and upend clear and sensible discourse. What they fail to understand though is that stealing our wares does them no good! They have neither the intellect or the ambition to turn the medium back into sound! Instead wearing magnetic tape like bijouterie and fashioning our precious records into shields and armour. They abscond and destroy precious hard-drives, unplug equipment, and gnaw at speaker wires unaware that they cause themselves just as much harm as they do our harried volunteers! But fear not dear listener, as we have vanquished many a ghoul and punished many a gremlin in our day and the Arch-magi that hold the keys to the audio reliquary are on the move. They are collecting their spellbooks and reciting their incantations in order to restore that which has been lost. Thus, we shall return with another archived Firebunker on a Thorsday not far from today. For more super-impositions, more drone, more recitation, reverb, and resonance. More disorder, and decay of the senses, more Dirge, more Doom... and watch out, Cy Thoth will play Metal again! We leave these last three sets up for now for you use as you see fit. Stay tuned...

September 19, 2019 - Firebunker 287 (original air date September 15, 2011)

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you, dear Bunker acolyte, that the first two hours of this week's set perished under the crushing weight of the following two hours and were unable to be resuscitated. Lost to us, they will be cherished by those who were fortunate enough to witness them during their inception. Lo, this is the sad beauty of the once, and at times current, ephemeral nature of terrestrial radio. Try as we might to possess beauty, it is not possible, for many of the things we covet most will be lost or will erode with the passage of time. Such is the case for hours 1300 and 1400 of Cy Thoth's set from Thorsday September 15th, 2011. Rest well mysterious hours, you are gone but not forgotten... but not all is lost! For the subsequent 2 hours are alive and well in our vast audio reliquary and available to stream or download for the next 3 weeks. Perhaps it is as in nature, where sometimes the weaker members of the brood must be sacrificed so that the others might have the opportunity to thrive. And thrive these two hours do, for as this humble volunteer can attest, they are absolutely relentless. You'll get just a morsel this week, but it will be doubly sweet for it is twice as precious! So sink your glistening teeth into the projects, Licus, Bacchus, and Monument of Urns along with a tantalizing array of others. On KFJC... the wave of the west!

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September 12, 2019 - Firebunker 286 (original air date September 8, 2011)

We breathe the breath of life into this archived set from early September, 2011 so that our Bunker's Archemage might once again explore the concept of the vessel before beginning his descent into the maelstrom of disorder, destruction, and depraved divinity. A delirious sojourn from reality awaits you below. A time to separate from the material world, a time to reflect on the beauty, beneficence, and brutality of bygone days, and a time to fill your vessel with the projects, Lustmord, Badr Vogu, and Ignivomous: The Burning Equinox along with a heady drought of others. It's 89.7 FM... KFJC, the only station with a third eye that looks both back to the past and forward into the future!

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September 5, 2019 - Firebunker 285 (original air date September 1, 2011)

This week on the Firebunker Archive, Cy Thoth reflects on masks and the metaphysical relationship between the outward depiction of the self or persona and the power inherent in obfuscating the true-self from external scrutiny or judgement by men, spirits, or the gods before undertaking a dizzying descent into a sonorous representation of utter insanity. If you are close to unhinging, be warned! This set from the first week of September, 2011 might be too much to bear! Find tamer soil to till! This set is for the true Bunker disciple. Those hardened to or even invigorated by the sounds of the raving lunatic played in reverse over multiple layers of abstract noise, drone, disorder and sonic decay. So don your ephemeral visage dear acolyte and bask in the madness of the projects, Ulrich Krieger, Tunnel Canary, and Nadja along with a rollicking troupe of others. Only on KFJC your source for semblance!

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