Cy Thoth assaulted the airwaves from his bunker deep inside the bowels of the majic mountain for seven years from 2006 - 2013.

"Let us ingest the pyromaniac mana of the under world hosts/and receive the unction of the narcotic carcasses of the ghosts/as we descend the spiral stairs and the circle of eternal return/to hear the voices of the damned & the possessed in the nether world...."

With these words Cy Thoth would prepare his audience for the assault to come, a non-stop violation of our consensual reality for four hours every "Thorsday" on kfjc. With his distinctive vocal delivery and super-impositions "a la William Burroughs and Gysin," Cy Thoth's Firebunker was required listening for anyone actively resisting the dominant paradigm during the dark years from 2006-2013.

2014 - 2020: Hear voices from the void and echoes from the bardo plane every Thorsday at kfjc.org where we will re-stream seven years worth of the Firebunker. Starting with his earliest show we will stream one show a week starting every Thorsday at 2pm. The shows will be available here for three weeks from their posting date.

This week's Firebunker archive:

June 13, 2019 - Firebunker 273 (original air date June 9, 2011)

The atmospheric blast furnace that descended upon the Bay Area this week has been as arduous as it has been oppressive, and we could use a refuge from this pernicious inferno. We are not too proud to ask for shelter from the fire-storm when our backs are up against it! And that is what the Firebunker does best. It is a sanctuary for the down-trodden and the defeated. A respite from the horrors of the day, clad in an enchanted cloak of eternal night from days gone by. Take solace from the flaming shards of magma that rain down from the heavens; here, in Cy Thoth's sacrarium. And chill the hell out with the projects, Moon Duo, Cult of Dom Keller, and Master Musicians of Bukkake along with a soothing array of others. We have been scorched, and the smoke still curls from our tender flesh but we will rise again, and mightier having lived through it! WE... are KFJC!

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June 6, 2019 - Firebunker 272 (original air date June 2, 2011)

Again we are visited by the ghost of yet another literary adept. Sordid author of subversive texts and prohibited novels, the esteemed Henry Miller begins this week's set super-imposed over multiple projects playing at the same time. Cy Thoth had a voracious appetite for a great variety of tomes. Not confined to symbology, philosophy, or mythology it has been said that he had a voluminous repertoire of information stored in the sprawling repository of his extraordinary and singular mind. It has even been said that the only soul to rival Ophelia Necro in the competitive recall of trivia is none other than our exemplar! So, when the war is over and your work is done, nourish your intellect, nurture your vocabulary, and cultivate your abstract reasoning by visiting an athenaeum near you to soak up some wisdom and knowledge. Right after you soak up the sounds of Henry Miller, Nondor Nevai, and Rigor Sardonicous, along with a collection of others. On KFJC... the wave of the WEST!

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May 30, 2019 - Firebunker 271 (original air date May 26, 2011)

-The fall (bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk!) of a once wallstrait oldparr is retaled early in bed and later on life down through all christian minstrelsy.
-wrote James Joyce in Finnegan's Wake of the peal of thunder uttered by God coinciding with the fall from grace of Adam and Eve and also signifies the arrival of the hero of his masterwork. And this week his "thunderword" coincides with the arrival of our hero; Cy Thoth! Commencing with a rivulet of backmasked Joyce he then proceeds by dropping a needle (or more) from beyond the veil on the projects, Circle of Eyes, Toad Liquor, and Ocean, along with a mighty abhainn of others. On KFJC, your succource for solid men.

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