Cy Thoth assaulted the airwaves from his bunker deep inside the bowels of the majic mountain for seven years from 2006 - 2013.

"Let us ingest the pyromaniac mana of the under world hosts/and receive the unction of the narcotic carcasses of the ghosts/as we descend the spiral stairs and the circle of eternal return/to hear the voices of the damned & the possessed in the nether world...."

With these words Cy Thoth would prepare his audience for the assault to come, a non-stop violation of our consensual reality for four hours every "Thorsday" on kfjc. With his distinctive vocal delivery and super-impositions "a la William Burroughs and Gysin," Cy Thoth's Firebunker was required listening for anyone actively resisting the dominant paradigm during the dark years from 2006-2013.

2014 - 2020: Hear voices from the void and echoes from the bardo plane every Thorsday at kfjc.org where we will re-stream seven years worth of the Firebunker. Starting with his earliest show we will stream one show a week starting every Thorsday at 2pm. The shows will be available here for three weeks from their posting date.

This week's Firebunker archive:

March 21, 2019 - Firebunker 261 (original air date March 17, 2011)

Disembodied voices, ruminations on mysticism, continued reflection on the number 5, and of course, a twisting descent through the netherworld and a sanity rending plunge into the Abyss of drone, symbology, and crushing doom. Where only the most stalwart and committed Firebunker fiends will retain their nebulous sense of self. For the uninitiated it may be far too precarious to walk this path. They may find that the "I" that they thought were was simply an emanation of the "I" that they were once told to emulate and that the "I" that they became is simply a projection of the "I" that they once were! Disrobe your psyche to the projects, Iugula Thorr, Ghedalia Tazartes, Bulgarian Orthodox Ensemble along with a hoard of others. Your source for the illumination of the id and the erosion of the ego... "We" are KFJC!

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March 14, 2019 - Firebunker 260 (original air date March 10, 2011)

Cy Thoth attains new heights of maniacal frequency modulation on this week's set. Unleashing six tracks simultaneously! Six projects weave in and out of your consciousness like hawks chasing sparrows or like the limbs of the giant Sequoia stretches it boughs toward the sun and snakes its roots into the soil. Like the mighty Sacramento wends its way to the San Francisco Bay or perhaps like your synapses weave through your brain linking your memories to the past and your dreams to the future. Where on earth can you hear this kind of madness?! On the Firebunker of course! Your source for superimposition and sustained sonic psychosis! Peel away the layers of reality with the projects, Troum, Acama: Tibetan Temple Bells, and Earthless along with a bevy of others. It's KFJC... the wave of the West!

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March 7, 2019 - Firebunker 259 (original air date March 3, 2011)

Devout denizens of the Firebunker will know that the first week of March in 2006 would be the beginning of Cy Thoth's indomitable reign over Thorsday afternoons at KFJC and a voice of profundity and a champion of the profane over the airwaves of the San Francisco Bay Area and ultimately around the world. This week we are celebrating seven years of delving in to somantics, commemorating seven years of the divulging of esoteric philosophies, and remembering seven years of rapture in madness, music, and magic or the creative arts. His commitment was profound and his message was dichotomic, or in opposition to, the sentiments that were often professed by the projects he played. To revel in creation and that to create is to be as a god. He appeared to follow the Right-Hand Path but sought to be aware of and to understand the the Left-Hand Path. Casting, broadly or otherwise, his sui generis take on this material world with his immaterial presence and otherworldly cadence. His directive radiating from high atop Black Mountain, he would offer his weekly invitation to dwell in his garden on the Magic Mountain to rejoice, or to bear witness, or perhaps, to simply rest awhile so that the pain might subside... for a few hours anyway. But also he wanted for us to act. To engage, to be proactive and productive. We all make choices. We make minuscule ones and cataclysmic ones every day. Today, choose to ingest the pyromaniac mana of the projects, Eyehategod, Black Ganion/Laudanum, and Loseling Dratsang of Drepung Monastary as well as a full retinue of others. And know that we are bolstered by your being here, by being here now, and by being a comrade, compatriot, and conspirator of, to, or with, Phil Hertz a.k.a. Cy Thoth, undisputed sovereign of this Firebunker.

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