KFJC Pandemic Players

KFJC is proud to announce the return of radio drama to our airwaves!

The Pandemic Players is KFJC’s new Radio Drama group, which formed in early 2021. KFJC staff members -- both seasoned and brand new -- have been working together (over Zoom!) to bring to life rewritten classic radio pieces and brand new works by local authors.

Luck Be a Spacelady

by Ian M. Dudley

An adaptation from his most recent novel by the same name.

First aired: 4 Mayhem, 2021
Steve Sleeve Hypnotized

Adapted by Robert Emmett

A rewrite of a 1938 Dick Tracy episode.

First aired: 9 Mayhem, 2021
The Fabulous George Foothill

Adapted by Robert Emmett

Based on a classic radio sitcom about a professor, rewritten for the Pandemic Players.

First aired: 16 Mayhem, 2021
Paper Thin
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Clean Version
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"Fruity" Version

By Jen Burke Anderson

Six people in a thin-walled San Francisco apartment building cope with COVID lockdown, misunderstand each other's noise, and fend off loneliness and fear on the evening of the November 2020 presidential election.

First aired: 18 Mayhem, 2021
Dr. Sinister's Home for Retired Villians

By S.G. Browne

Description TBA

First aired: 31 October, 2021
The Voice of Death

Adapted by Robert Emmett

A sinister tale of murder in the snow from a mythical show called The Strange Dr. Weird.

First aired: 23 March, 2022
A Picture is Worth 1000 Clues
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Part One
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Part Two

by Ian M. Dudley

An adaptation from his novel Marlowe & the Spacewoman.

First aired: 1 & 8 June, 2022