Phil Dirt

Saturday 13 December 1997 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Love   Emotions Love
Belairs   The Crawler / Moon Dawg Live Cd-R
Adrian & Sunsets   Stomping Time Breakthrough
Malibooz   Carol of the Swells Malibooz Christmas
Penetrators   Wind Beneath My Kilt Reverb Central
Blue Hawaiians   Jingle Bells Christmas on Big...
Johnny Barakat & Vestels   The Long Ride Rare Surf 3
Planet Seven   Crime Wave Pleasure Craft...
Rick Escobar & Mark Fassett   White Christmas Cd-R
King of Hawaii   Villa Vee Live Kfjc
Beatles   Cry for a Shadow Early Tapes
Paul Johnson   El Nino El Nino Cd-Single
Slacktone   Tidal Wave Slacktone
Davie Allan & Arrows   Outer Surf Pulp Rock Instros 1
Deoras   Zambesi An Evening in Nivram
Pollo Del Mar   Blue Rider (Remix) Surfin' Sundays
Pollo Del Mar   Little Drummer Boy Dat
Surfmen   Paradise Cove Pulp Rock Instros 1
Super Stocks   Midnight Run Complete
Sandy Nelson   Redondo Strand Single
Bambi Molesters   Landlocked Dumb Loud Hollow Twang
Pharos   Pintor Pulp Surfin'
Halibuts   Little Old Ladies Never Cut Bk Halibut Beach
Death Valley   Larry Storch Trilogy Spaghetti
Huntington Cads   Shangri La Go Exotic
Surfin' Gorillas   Surfin' Gorilla Fury Mental
Big Ray & Futuras   Ranchero Big Ray
Cadillac Hitmen   Bullwip The Assassin
Busters (Northern Lights)   Bust Out (Typhoid) Teen Beat 4
Kenny & His Friends   House on Haunted Hill Pt. 2 Surfin' & Draggin'
P.J. & Galaxies   Wild Goose Rare Surf 1
Dave & the Customs   Ali Baba Surf Guitars Rumble
Vibrants   The Breeze & I Srare Surf 2
Emporers   The Breeze & I Surf Guitars Rumbe
Jim Messina & Jesters   The Breeze & I Jim Messina...
Coffin Nails   For a Few Burgers More A Fistful of Burgers
Starfires   I Never Loved Her Pebbles
Serendipity   Through with You Perfumed Garden 3
Lemon Fogg   Summer Gathering of the Tribe
Pretty Things-Yardbirds   You Can't Judge a Book... Chicago Blues Tapes
Crawling Walls   The Brain that Wouldn't Fry Inner Limits
Psycho Daisies   In Doubt Pushin' Up Daisies
Hawkwind   Assassins of Allas California Brainstorm
D.C.3   Master of the Universe Melting Plot
Tao Chemical   Too Polite Tao Chemical
Kokomo   Asia Minor Teen Beat 4
Davie Allan & Arrows   Cycle-Delic Angel Dust
Mermen   Pull of the Moon Haunted House