Number 6

Monday 1 August 2016 3:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:03am K2   Part 3 The Rust Kinky Musik Institute
3:23am Deepchord   Ohm Dc07|dc08|dc09 [remastered] Echospace (Detroit)
3:23am Shredded Nerve   Time Inside In The Shadow of What Never Was Chondritic Sound
3:33am Matchess   The Fog Rafter, The Monofonus Press
3:35am Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio   Do Murder and Lust Make Me a Man? Apocalips Cold Meat Industry
3:39am Chatham Rise   Dawn We Are The Sun Picture In My Ear
3:43am Voltigeurs   Lamia Voltigeurs Turgid Animal ?
3:52am Residual Orchestra   Low Sadomachinism Misanthropic Agenda
4:04am Psychic TV   Supermale Singles Pt. 1 Cleopatra Records
4:11am Sarah Davachi   A Garden, an Orchard Dominions Jaz Records
4:16am Virus   Stalker Drift The Black Flux Season of Mist
4:22am Ovo   Ombra Nell Ombra Cicatrici Bar La Muerte
4:24am Lyrinx   Expect The End Universal Absence ( Lyrinx / Elysian Blaze / D.O.R.) Insidious Poisoning Records ?
4:37am Mortifera   A Last Breath Before Extinction Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera GoatowaRex
4:42am Dalek   Control Asphalt For Eden Deadverse
4:46am O Paradis   un lugar sin nombre ensuenos el Circulo
4:51am Thirteen Hurts   UVB-76 UVB-76 No Part of It
5:00am Nordvargr   Awaken awaken Eibon
5:05am Lilith's Son   what a hit! Self-Induced Taenia Saginata Harsh Noise
5:31am RZA   Ghost Dog Theme (w/dogs&EFX) Ghost Dog Razor Sharp
5:37am Virus   Afield Memento Collider Karisma
5:45am Barghest   Hellish Entrancement Barghest Gilead Media
5:49am Rad Kjetil Senza Testa   END Null/Void & END Yerevan Tapes