Louie Caliente

Monday 1 August 2016 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:00am Carranza Trumpet Choir, 3 Trumpets, Large and Small Drum   Trumpet Choir, Carranza Modern Mayan: The Indian Music of Chiapas, Mexico Moi J'Connais Records
6:05am Gyorgy Ligeti   Ramifications Perspectives Musicales Pathe Marconi
6:13am Krube   untitled I Krube I Dischi Del Barone
6:15am Infinite Plastic Internal   Spectrum Studies I Radioactive Cloud Alert/ Spectrum Studies 1 Self Produced
6:21am Andy Pyne   Call to Undercliff Eight Forms of Defense Foolproof Projects
6:25am Rubber O Cement   Accelleration of The Vitamin In Production Panicsville / Rubber O Cement Nihilist Records
6:29am Shredded Nerve   Time Inside In The Shadow of What Never Was Chondritic Sound
6:37am Steve Roden/In Be Tween Noise   undulant spores. Lamp (Within/Without The Skin) Interior Sounds
6:47am Date Palms   Night Riding The Skyline Pulse Emitter / Date Palms / Expo 70 / Faceplant Immune Recordings
7:03am Rezo Glonti   Kagoshima Diary of The Second Officer, The Time Released Sound
7:08am Unknown Villagers   Night Village Barong #1 Night Recordings Bali Sublime Frequencies
7:14am Kink Gong   Ganogoko Tanzania Discrepant
7:25am John Arndt   Montego Bay Field Recordings From The Great Salt Lake Desert Gallery 400
7:29am [coll]: Uchronia: Field Recordings From Alternate Realities   Electronic Talking Drum, Tamanin Uchronia: Field Recordings From Alternate Realities Sahelsounds
7:35am Abba Gargando   Etran, Association Des Jeunes Laila Je T'aime Mississippi Records
7:45am Bwaba (Bobo-Oule) Tribe   Hfaf Finien Kien Lo Lay-Nu Savannah Rhythms: Music of Upper Volta Elektra/ Asyum/ Nonesuch Records
7:46am Tinariwen   Group Anmataff Music From Saharan Cellphones Sahelsounds
7:55am Chinese Buddhist Nuns   Chanting The Ten Vows Victrola Favorites Dust-To-Digital
7:57am Hayvanlar Alemi   Yekerno Sew Yekermo Sew Sublime Frequencies
8:01am Christian Marclay   Side A Guitar Drag Neon Records
8:18am Matt Krefting   Lunch At Midnight KSE 10th Anniversary Album Kendra Steiner Editions
8:22am Reg Bloor   Theme Form an Imaginary Slasher Theme From My Imaginary Slasher Systems Neutralizers
8:25am Fleshlight   Side A Excerpt SENTIENT SOLDER II Ratskin Records
8:33am Reutoff   Children of The Dead World Will Never Know, The Sweet Farewell
8:39am Thoabath   Spilt Milk A String Detached Days of Terror
8:47am PsysEx   #460 Improvised Music From Japan 2005 Improvised Music From Japan
8:51am Tirikilatops   Snail Party (Wah!) Godspunk Volume Sixteen Pumf Records
8:55am Ryan Huber   Without Ceremony Comoros Inam Records
9:00am Dylan Nyoukis   The Galloping Fingers.... Alvarius B/Dylan Nyoks Catsup Plate Records
9:12am Big City Orchestra   Garuda Eerily EE Tapes
9:23am Erl   A - Untitled Erl Erl Records
9:45am Tunnels   Starmaker Post-Alarmist Dracula Safari Oms-B Records
9:47am Das Torpedoes   Istanbul II Qu Nar eh?
9:50am Sun Ra   Outer Space Incorporated Spaceways Org Music