Dave Rose

Saturday 30 October 2004 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Born Heller   I Am a Guest in Here Self-Titled
Heliumvola   Frauenklage Liod
Clinic   Anne Winchester Cathedral
Lismore   Tremolo We Could Connect...
Angel' in Heavy Syrup   Breath of Life Live at Kfjc 5/26/95
Luscious Jackson   Life of Leisure In Search of Wanny
Six Organs of Admittance   The Manifestation Manifestation, the
Tamion 12 Inch   Do the Devil Dance All Black,Eyes Closed to The..
Sally Timms   Little Tommy Tucker In the World of Him
Bangs   Dirty Knives Call and Response
Tracy and the Hindenburg...   Clap Your Hands Great Day
Radio Vago   Minute [coll]: Let's Get Rid of L.A.
Crass   Nagasaki Nightmare Nagasaki/Big a
Beautiful Spring   Difficult to Keep Love S/T
Band of Susans   Paint It Black Now
Kissing Tigers   Pleasure of Resistance Pleasure of Resistance
Landing   Sphere Sphere
Jolie Holland   Black Hand Blues Catalpa
Paula Frazer   Halfway to Madness A Place Where I Know
Paula Frazer   An Awful Shade of Blue A Place Where I Know
Yuka Honda   How Many Times Can We Burn T Eucademix
The Government   Zippers of Fire S/T
Josephine Foster & Supposed   Silly Song All the Leaves Are Gone
Julie Ruin   Love Letter ______________________________
Death Comet Crew   America This Is Riphop
Iva Bittova   Prostri Ni Pladnem J.H.
Bitter Bitter Weeks   A Deer in the Headlights Revenge
Windmill   Falling Down the Stairs Every Last Windmill Shall Fall
The Crimea   Opposite Ends Lottery Winners on Acid
Calexico   The Ride, Pt. 2 [coll]: Camper Van Calexicoven
Guitar Wolf   Demon Card Loverock
The Cramps   Subwire Desire How to Make a Monster
Vast Aire   Krs-Lightly Ft. S.A.Smash Look Mom...No Hands
Boyskout   Secrets Secrets
Lene Lovich   I Think We're Alone Now Stateless
Tracy Bonham   Tell It to the Sky Burdens of Being Uprit
Igloo   A Ye Yo Igloo
Tara Maclean   If I Fall Bear Essentials (Coll)
Dory Tourette & the Skirtheads   Scot Le Roc Versions
Dosh   Simple Exercises Pure Trash
Animaniacs   I'm Mad S/T
Cannibal Corpse   Return to Flesh The Bleeding
Dna   Not Moving Dna on Dna
Leah Andreone   Come Sunday Morning Veiled
The Violents   Three Fifty Nine Rebecca's Morning Voie