Dave Rose

Monday 27 December 2004 2:00am to 8:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Heliumvola   In Lichter Farbe Steht Der.. Liod
Noam Chomsky   'excerpt From a Hard Choice [coll]: Ecstasy of the Ag, the
Julie Ruin   The Punk Singer ______________________________
Sandra Bell   Tongue Tied Net
Satanicpornocultshop   Kylie Minogue Anorexia Gas Balloon
Bb Gabor   Big Yellow Taxi S/T
Angela Davis   Excerpt From "Making a Diff" Angela Davis
Hagen,Nina & Lene Lovich   Don't Kill the Animals Don't Kill the Animals
Angel 'in Heavy Syrup   A Series of Water Mind Iv
Lesbians on Ecstacy   Parachute Clubbing S/T
Mama Quilla Ii   Kkk S/T
Iris Dement   I Don't Want to Get Adjusted Lifeline
Boyskout   Girl on Girl Action School of Etiquette
Marianne Faithful   Working Class Hero Broken English
Howard Zinn   Excerpt From "Corporate Wele Howardt From "Corporate Wel"
Beatles   Money Rock&Roll Music
Shesus   Debbie's Shoes Ruined It for You
Greetje Bijma   Dyani Sit Down, Listen...
Yma Sumac   Chuncho (Forest Creatures) Voice of the Xtabay
Kimya Dawson   I Will Never Forget Hidden Vagenda
Plaid   Lilith Not for Threes
Siouxsie & Banshees   Israel Once Upon a Time
Douglas Leedy   Good King Wenceslas Psychedelic Xmas
Bizarr Sex Trio   Your Pregnancy Begins Now Careless Use of Knives
Bikini Kill   Rebel Girl [coll]: Bikini Kill/Huggy Bea
Fe-Mail   Syklubb Fra Haelvete Syklubb Fra Haelvete
Yoko Solo   Evil Human, 4034 A.D. Forbidden Channel, the
Ladonna Smith   Dreaming Allotropy Rare Earth
Lost Goat   Pillar of Salt Trapped on Earth
The Tough & Lovely   Never Let Me Go Born of the Stars
Cobra Killer   I Like It When It Burns... 76/77
Nichols & May   Bach to Bach Improvisations to Musc
Tom Lehrer   Christmas Carol An Evening Wasted
Antony & the Johnsons   Cripple & the Starfish Antony & the Johnsons
Luscious Jackson   Take a Ride Fever in Fever Out
Barbed   Charlie K Crosssnowstarcrossstarpeak
South Park   Blame Canada Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Doug & the Slugs   To Be Laughing Cognac & Bologna
Blood on the Wall   Baby Likes to Holler Blood on the Wall
Christina Carter   Quiet Love Bastard Wing
Le Tigre   I'm So Excited This Island
Jandek   I See the Open Door Gone Wait, the
The Stooges   Your Pretty Face Is Going... Raw Power
Pussy Crush   Ghost of An Empty Bottle Tormenting the Emotionally...
Carl Orff   Carmina Burana Sinfonica De Minera