Tuesday 28 December 2004 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Motor   ...To Home Freeze
Kptmichigan   Mount Michigan S/T
Mike Pathos   Penant People
Clear Horizon   Death's Dance S/T
Ghost   Bad Bone Lama Rabi Rabi
Volcano the Bear   Meisheishorses One Burned Ma, the
Cyann & Ben   Obsessing & Screaming Voic.. Happy Like An Autumn Tree
Tarantula Hawk   Untitled 2 2
Veronica Lipgloss & Evil Eyes   Unicorn Song Veronica Lipgloss & Evil Eyes
Tarantel   Adonai Order of Things, the
Cerberus Shoal   Nonex Bastion of Itchey Preeves
Lydia Lunch   Der Karibische Western Hysterie
Weegs   Pink Elephant Walk Meat the Weegs
The Vanishing   Cuckoo Spit Still Lifes Are Falling
Nelson Gastaldi   Symphony #3 [coll]: Niacin Sun
Mitchell Akiyama   Try to Conceal If Night Is a Weed and Day....
Nurse with Wound   Cold Thunder Perfect Mind
The Golding Institute   Honolulu Interntl Airport... Sounds of Int'nl Airport Rstrm
Charles Amirkhanian   Just [coll]: 10+2: American Text...
Wanda Coleman   Rape [coll]: Disclosure: Voices of
Lisa Freeman  
Housten Blue  
D'lila D'lish  
Charles Amirkhanian   Heavy Aspirations [coll]: 10+2: American Text...
Nikki Mc Clure   Alright Baby [coll]: International Pop ...
Baby Whatcha Doin
Irr.App.(Ext.)   The Harpsichord A-Go-Go An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured
Melvins   Charmicarmicat
Calamalka   Bumpea Shredders Dub
Plaid   Abla Eedio Not for Threes
Hypnotech 3   Arc-En-Ceil Prescription Electronics
Over .......And   ..............Out