Dave Rose

Saturday 1 January 2005 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum   Bring Back the Apocalypse Of Natural History
Heliumvola   Veni Veni Liod
The Vanishing   Still Lifes Still Lifes Are Falling
God's Little Monkeys   New Years Honours New Maps of Hell
Parts & Labor   Happy New Year Groundswell
Scott,Raymond   New Years Eve in Haunted Hse Microphone Music
Weegs   For the Record Episode #9 Meat the Weegs
U2   New Years Day Under a Red Sky
Yuma Nora   Freedom, What Have We Done? Red Train Graphing the Sunset
Walking Ruins   Happy Hardcore New Year Fall of the House of Ruin
Michael C. Ford   New Year's Revolution Fire Escapes
The Residents   Mr. Skull;S New Year's Eve . Stranger than Supper
Rivulets   Waited for You You've Got Your Own
Alfred Schnittke   Sur Une Etoile [coll]: Soloists of Bolshoi
Mtkj Quartet   And So It Goes... Making Room for Spaces
Codeine   New Year's Frigid Stars
Passion Fodder   Happy New Year Woke Up this Morning
Mutiny   2005 Aftershock 2005
Fred Ho   Auld Lang Syne Underground Railroad..., the
Bill Keith   Auld Lang Syne Something Bluegrass
Sonya Hunter   New Year Favorite Short Stories
My Robot Friend   We're the Pet Shop Boys Hot Action
Plaid   Extork Not for Threes
Adrenalin O.D.   New Years Eve Wacky Hi-Jinks
Lesbians on Ecstacy   The Pleasure Principal S/T
Aroah   Upside Down Last Laugh, the
Government. the   None of the Above Guest List
The Tough & Lovely   Never Let Me Go Born of the Stars
Shesus   K-O Ruined It for You
South Park   Blame Canada Bigger, Longer, & Unct
Rough Trade   All Touch For Those Who Think Yg
Hypnotech 3   Moto Racer Prescription Electronics
Yma Sumac   Tumpa (Earthquake) Voice of the Xtabay
Slotek   New Years' Revolution Hydrophonic
Christine Baczewska   Steal Across the Sky Tribe of One
Theramin   In My Place We Were Gladiators
Mega City Four   New Years Day Tranzophobia
Lost Goat   Hand of Man Trapped on Earth
Weegs   Pink Elephant Walk Meat the Weegs
Bizarr Sex Trio   Emperor's New Clothes Careless Use of Knives
Shalabi Effect   Shiva Diva Pink Abyss
Savath & Savalas   Dema Vinura Manana
Mc 900 Ft Jesus   New Years Eve One Step Ahead of the Spider
Simon Joyner   New Year's Song Songs for the New Year
Cathode Ray Tube   La Diva Subzero Sensei
Madonna   Habibi Tal Ayea [coll]: Arabia:The Women's Voi
Seam   New Year's Headsparks
Starpimp   Virginia Starpimp
Doran, Christy's New Bag   Happy Black Soul Perspectives