Mitch LeMay

Monday 10 January 2005 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Misty Roses   Jellypop Perky Jean Komodo Dragons
The Flower Machine   In the Glow Microindie Sampler
Liz Janes   Wonderkiller Poison and Snakes
Jazzateers   Here Comes that Feeling Ave Marina
Apostle of Hustle   Song for Lorca Folkloric Feel
Phosphorescent   Where to Strip A Hundred Times or More
Master Musicians of Bukkake   Invisible Order Visible Sign O Invisible Order
Dakota Suite   Boats in a Sunken Ocean This River Only Brings
Postal Blue   Stand and Stare International Breeze
Flywheel   Waterloo Circus Wrong Way 'round
Aroah   Horoscope Last Laugh, the
The Birdwatcher   First Bright Light The Darkest Hour Is Jt
Arab Strap   The Shy Retirer Monday at the Hug & Pt
Autumdivers   Walkaway Autumdivers
Ides of Space   Citrus There Are no New Clous
Serene Lakes   Summer in September Serene Lakes
Pinback   A F K Summer in Abaddon
The Radio Dept.   I Don't Need Love, I've Got My Pulling Our Weight
Would-Be-Goods   The Camera Loves Me Bellissimo!
The Pristines   Text, Full-Stop Get Caught in Showtime
Kid Dakota   Pine Ridge West Is the Future, the
Tugboat   Twelve Degrees of Separation Library Records 1998-
Dolorean   To Destruction Violence in the Snowy Fields
Larry Gallagher   World's Saddest Girlfriend.. An Endless Chain of Accidents
Dave Decastro   Shade Tree Senses
The Land of Nod   Chronicle Blueprint # 1 Reality Channel
James Yorkston & Athletes   Shipwreckers Just Beyond the River
The Relict   Time Spent with You Tomorrow Is Again
Dealership   Endless Affair Action/Adventure
Dealership   Database Corrupted Action/Adventure
Xiu Xiu   Fake Soul Split 7"
Bunkbed   Joke From a Fist Swimming Back to Shore
Dying Californian   The Frozen Path We Are the Birds that
Dying Californian   My Heaven Knows no Reign We Are the Birds that
Track Star   Feet First Lion Destroyed the
Rum Diary   Carl's Lament Split 7"
Track Star   Something to Do Lion Destroyed the
Candies   Hiding Behind Open Space Barr Dense Waves Make Your
Doctor Nurse   Organ Grinder Doctor Nurse
Dealership   All the Kids Action/Adventure