Nothing Man

Wednesday 12 January 2005 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Professionals   Northern Slide I Didn't See It Coming
Generation X   Night of the Cadillacs Valley of the Dolls
Rich Kids   Burning Sounds Ghosts of Princes in Towers
Sahara Hotnights   Fire Alarm Jennie Bomb
Destroy All Monsters   Meet the Creeper S/T
The Hellacopters   Born Broke - Live Payin' the Dues
Cheetah Chrome   Still Wanna Die ______________________________
Gbh   No Survivors Leather, Bristles, no Survivor
In Cold Blood   Lost in Doubt Hell on Earth
Phobia   Death Threat Serenity Through Pain
Incantation   Disciples of Blasphemous Rep Diabolical Conquest
Atrocity   Defiance Longing for Death
Kreator   Dystopia Enemy of God
Mortician   Bloodshed Chainsaw Dismemberment
Ludicra   The Final Lamentation Hollow Psalms
Immolation   Dawn of Possession Dawn of Possession
Impiety   Nocturnized Skullfucking Armageddon
Nokturne   Forced Into Abattoirs Embracer of Dark Ages
Eyehategod   Ruptured Heart Theory Dopesick
Noisegate   Solar Eclipse Towers Are Burning, the
Exsanguinate   The Final Hour Black Acts, the
Aghast   Totentanz Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finst
Fushitsusha   Disc One Track 2 Live
Men's Recovery Project   Wreckage in the Empty Quarte Bolides Over Basra
Birchville Cat Motel/Russell   The Makrocosmic Adam S/T
Wendy Carlos   Memories Tales of Heaven and Hell
Synapscape   Dream (Subliminal) ______________________________
Hijokaidan   Live at the Eggplant Neverending Story of the ...
Jim O'rourke   Chicago Two Remove the Need
Vishnu's Secret   Celebrate 3 Candles
Mauve Sideshow   Obsession, She Said Girl, the
Amber Asylum   Silence of the Setting Sun Supernatural Parlour Coll., th
Kadura   Alyster From the Depths of the Other S
The Spiny Anteaters   Scening Current
Film School   Ms. Connection Always Never
Merzbow   Rainbow Electronics Rainbow Electronics