Nothing Man

Sunday 16 January 2005 3:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Controlled Bleeding   Part 2 Poisoner, the
Princess Dragon Mom   Library Girl Slow Poke In. 12
Prison Rape Scenes   Get Out Alive Part 1 Licked By the Mother Tongue
MZ.412   Paedophilia Cum Sadismus In Nomine Dei Nostri Satana...
Stratum Terror   Collapse Pain Implantations
Hijokaidan   Astounding Guitar... Last Recording Album, the
Scorn   Told You Can Tell Greetings From Birmingham
Godflesh   Tiny Tears Streetcleaner
Ankhelgloknar   The Summoning Mortuus Deus
Sleep   5 Jerusalem
Iron Monkey   Fink Dial Iron Monkey
Leviathan   Cut with the Night Into My H Tentacles of Whorror
Azrael   Holiness Embodiment Into Shadows Act I I :
Mysticum   Let the Kingdom Come In the Streams of Inferno
Massemord   I Have Sipped the Blood... Skogen Kaller
Morbid/Mayhem   Necrolust A Tribute to the Black Emperor
Ludicra   Hollow Promise Hollow Psalms
Entombed   Stranger Aeons Stranger Aeons
Morgion   Nightfall Infernal Solinari
Lugubrum   De Vette Cuecken De Vette Cuecken
Corrupted   Paso Inferior 1 Paso Inferior