Monday 25 December 2000 6:00am to 2:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Anti-Clockwise   The Guitar Mash-Down Rewatching
Bruce Gilbert   Muzi In Esse
The Body Lovers   Track One Number One of Three
Angus Maclaurin   4TH of July Part 1 Glass Music
Tietchens,Asmus/Terry Burrows   Burrows Processes Tietchens Burning the Watching Bride
Mr. Oizo   A1: Analog Worms Attack Analog Worms Attack (Single)
The Red Krayola   Magnificence As Such Blues, Hollers and Hellos
Dead C   Your Hand Whitehouse, the
Add N to (X) & Fuxa   Add N to Fu(X)A Add N to Fu(X)A
Ten in the Swear Jar   Worry Boy My Very Private Map
Isotope 217   Meta Bass Who Stole the I Walkman?
Microstudio   Rural Development Project [coll]: Microstudio/Unagi Patr
Ito, Teiji (soundtrack)   Meshes of the Afternoon Meshes
Kori Ke Nios Epezane   Nikiphorakis, Georgios & Gri [coll]: Vocal Music in Crete
Blek Ink   Forgotten ______________________________
Dakota Suite   The Cost of Living Signal Hill
Yo La Tengo   Upside Down (One More Time) Upside-Down
Sybarite   Serial Musicforafilm
Gavin Bryars   Jesus' Blood Never Failed...
Jun Togawa   All Tomorrow's Parties 20TH
D. Moebius   The Tracker Blotch
Matmos   Schwitt/Urs Quasi-Objects
Out Hud   Hominid Hump Natural Selection
Miranda July   The F-A-T-E 10 Million Hours a Mile
William Hooker   First Meeting Shamballa
Shoji Hano   7 ______________________________
Marclay,Christian & Otomo...   Derailment Moving Parts
Gauthier Cline and Stinson   Thus Have I Heard Other Shore, the
024C   It's not What You Think 1.23.99
Buddhist Chant of Shuni, Todai   Rite of Repentance in Sunset Buddhist Chant of Shuni-E...