Seafood Bob

Thursday 9 June 2005 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Amber Asylum   Could You Songs of Sex and Death
Paula Frazer   Like a Ghost A Place Where I Know
Mistress of Strands   Haunted River S/T
Sheila Chandra   Not a Word in the Sky This Sentence Is True...
Anaphylaxis   This Is the Place Where... Noise for Lovers
Skinny Puppy   Killing Game Last Rights
Alu   Bitte Warten Sie! Autismenschen
Faun Fables   2: Sleepwalker Mother Twilight
Squidbox   Killed in the Crash Killed in the Crash
Aphex Twin   Acrid Avid Jam I Care Because You Do
Dublex   Serious Sylvia Collage Ep
Fruss   "Gimme-Gimme-Gimme" Klassy Frog Penises
Dj Hell   Black Panther Party My Muscle
Muppets Take Manh (soundtrack)   William Tell Overture Soundtrack
The Locust   One Decent Leg/Immune Sys... Safety Second, Body Last
Benumb   Just Short of the Line Withering Strands of Hope
Morgoth   The Art of Sinking Odium
E.D.M.   Vamoire Endless Dismal Moan
Morgion   The Serpentine Scrolls Solinari
In Flames   The Quiet Place Soundtrack to Your Escape
Children of Bodom   Children of Decadence Follow the Reaper
Binky   Carny Kiss the Mall Goodbye
The Bowel Tones   Rock and Roll Death Camp Vampire Sex on the Moon With..
Green Milk From Planet Orange   Demagog Citycallsrevolution
Catfight!   Get Lost Frustrated
Gogol Bordello   Madagascar-Roumania (Te Jest East Infection
Zion I   A2: Bird's Eye Instrumental Bird's Eye View B/W Luv
Daedelus   Dearly Departed, Exquisite Corpse
Somos Nos a Justica   Se Tu Lutas Tu Conquistas [coll]: Rough Guide to Brazili
Positive Black Soul   Boul Fale Remix [coll]: Rough Guide to African
V.A.   Libre Ego [coll]: Africa Raps
Mystic   The Forecast Feat. Bloe Forecast, the
Havens Richie   The End Mirage
Cane and Able   Be Free Relating a Message to You
Quake Break   I Know Ya'all Your Life Quake Break Volume 1
Pigeon John   Nothing Without You Nothing Without You
Bushman   You've Changed [coll]: Toe 2 Toe
Natacha Atlas   Just Like a Dream Something Dangerous
Ofra Haza   Innocent Kirya
El Quinteto Criollo   Seis Con Decima [coll]: Puerto Rico Tropical
Wesley Edwards   Hukilau Hawaii Calls
Capercaille   Both Sides the Tweed [coll]: Heart of the Gaels
Chaba Fadela   N'sel Fik You Are Mine
Soumaya Baalbaki   Sehertou Menhou Allayali [coll]: Cairo Road