Slade Grantham

Monday 2 September 1996 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Dayglow Abortions   Proud to Be Canadian Feed Us a Fetus
Icky Boyfriends   Flying Monkeys [coll]: Night of the Living V
Cows   Mas-No Mas Whorn
Love 666   Fuck the Man AR-15
Frogs   Where's Jerry Lewis? My Daughter the Broad
Dystopia   Diary of a Battered Child [coll]: Dystopia/Suffering Lun
Hemdale   Curse the Gods [coll]: Hemdale/Exhumed
Men's Recovery Project   Normal Man Normal Man
Man Is the Bastard   Tyke Thoughtless
Armitage Shanks   Ambulance Shanks' Pony
Drunks with Guns   Fuck Off and Die You Worthle [coll]: Portable Altamont, th
Brainbombs   Wishing a Slow Death Burning Hell
Insanus   Fuck You Priest (Metal) Nature of the Beast
State of the Union   Speech of the High One Rez-Erection
Wesley Fiasco Willis   Get on the Bus Spooky Disharmonious........
Crom   Riddle of Steel [coll]: Cry Now, Cry Later 3
Excruciating Terror   Life Ends [coll]: Cry Now, Cry Later
Grief   Rhinoceros Dismal
Adnauseum   Destiny Beyond Control [coll]: Deterioration of the S
Melvins   Zodiac Bullhead
High Rise   Sadame Disallow
Noothgrush   Dianoga Kashyyk
Cherubs   Orange Julius Short of Popular
The Pain Teens   The Dead Cannot Stimulation Festival
Esoteric   Eradification of Thorns
The Thrones   Buio Omega Alraune
Scorn   Nut Logghi Barogghi
Circle X   Onward Christian Soldiers ______________________________
Trance to the Sun   You Have Escaped Me Venomous Eve
Zeni Geva   Burn Your Flesh Out Freedombondage
Godflesh   Slavestate Slavestate
The Young Gods   Speed of Night Only Heaven
Vocokesh   Shimmer [coll]: Hey Drag City
Cut Transmission   3D [coll]: "Altered Beats"
The Dandy Warhols   Finales: It's a Fast-Driv... Dandy Warhols, the
Dead Can Dance   Ullyses A Passage in Time
Jarboe   Yum-Yab Sacrificial Cake
The Flying Luttenbachers   Storm of Shit Revenge of the Flying Lutte...
V.3   American Face Photograph Burns
The Gits   Slaughter of Bruce Frenching the Bully
Splintered   Smokescreen Intercept, but Don't Shoot
Mog   Iron Fist ______________________________
Boom & the Legion of Doom   Love to Hate
Hellnation   Politicians Bloodless Unreality
Diskonto   Karnvapenkrig Kraver Liv A Shattered Society
Assuck   Procession
Fall Silent   Lifeless Never Forget...
Forced Expression   Soiled Apeshapes
Deranged   Orgy of Infanticide
Neanderthal   Fighting Music/Fluids Neanderthal/Rorschach
Drunks with Guns   Headgiver Headgiver Ep
Exhumed   Oozing Rectal Feast [coll]: Pale Existence/Exhumed
Rorschach   Hardware Rorschach/Neanderthal
Pale Existence   Descend to Wisdom [coll]: Pale Existence/Exhumed
Born Against   Wearing a Lampshade
Fork   Finger Pointer Fork
His Hero Is Gone   Epidemic Dead of Night in 8 Movements