Slade Grantham

Friday 11 October 1996 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Godflesh   Predominance Pure
Regurgitate   Brainscrambler
Rash of Beatings   Feast of Sores Rash of Beatings
Lollipop   Snifter Dog Piss on Dog
Assuck   Procession Bloodless Unreality
Thug   Quiet Room [coll]: Thug/Apartment 213
Anal Cunt   Song #5 Morbid Florist
Rake   Art Side Art Ensemble Of/Tell Tale Moog
Venom   Women Canadian Assault
Forced Expression   Soiled Apeshapes
Plutocracy   Jailed
Ice   Juggernaut Kiss Under the Skin
Keuhkot   Eliokunnan Kierarkiamarssi Mita Otat Mukaan Muistoksi...
Scorn   Do the Geek Logghi Barogghi
Belial   The Procession
Pachinko   Bobble Head El Diablo En Senorita
Stikky   Quasineomacroantiprioritiz.. Where's My Lunchpail
Pale Existence   Atmospheres of Consciousness [coll]: Pale Existence/Exhumed
Slughog   Hangman [coll]: America the Beautiful
General Surgery   The Succulent Aftermath [coll]: 5 Years Nuclear Blast
Hellnation   Politicvians
Flame Retarded   Boarkkiller [coll]: Cry Now, Cry Later 3
Tribes of Neurot   Desire and Delusion [coll]: Arrhythmia 3
Anal Babes   Fellatio Vaginsmus Fear and Loathing with The...
Skullflower   Black Ass Bone Ruins
Iugula-Thor   Pigskull Loudspeaker Wheel of the Process, the