Slade Grantham

Friday 25 October 1996 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Hemdale   Bathing in Mucous and Bile
Caspar Brotzmann   Kerkersong Koksofen
Godhead Silo   1 Luv U Nicorns Scientific Supercake
Splintered   Blaspheme Parapraxis
Cattlepress   The Hole Is Home Showered in the Love of The...
My Dying Bride   The Forever People As the Flower Withers
Grief   Isolation Dismal
Melvins   Anaconda Bullhead
M.I.B   Tumolt Being Abundance of Guns
Neurosis   Self-Taught Infection Pain of Mind
Adnauseum   Morbid Physical Curiousity
Skullflower   Center Puss 3RD Gatekeeper
Painkiller   Executioner Buried Secrets
Iabhorher   Crowskin Crowskin
Black Sabbath   The Wizard We Sold Our Souls...
Godflesh   Veins Godflesh
Shatter   Everlasting ______________________________
Bauhaus   The Three Shadows Pt. 2 Swing the Heartache
Prehensile Monkey-Tailed Skink   I'm a Spy Alright
Dime Bag   Crack Torch Heat Blast
Celtic Frost   The Usurper To Mega Therion
Mercyful Fate   Return of the Vampire Return of the Vampire
Rusted Shut   Kill [coll]: Great Big Pile
Scratch Acid   Crazy Dan Just Keep Eating
Plutocracy   Plutocracy ______________________________
Anal Cunt   Song *5 Evreyone Should Be Killed
Disembowelment   The Tree of Life and Death Trancendence Into The...
Lawnmower Deth   Betty Ford's Clinic Ohh Crikey It's .../Kids in Aa
Gwar   Gor-Gor America Must Be Destroyed
Brujeria   El Patron Raza Odiada
Eye Hate God   Shinobi In the Name of Suffering
Motorhead   Killed By Death No Remorse
Agathocles   Revive Us Again
Rash of Beatings   Shingles Rash of Beatings
Discordance Axis   Continuity [coll]: Melt Banana/Discorance
Noothgrush   Stasis Embraced By the Anti-Self
Tchkung   Feral Post World Handbook
Brainbombs   Die You Fuck Obey
Instant Death   The Overture: Instant Death S/T
Dayglow Abortions   Proud to Be Canadian Feed Us a Fetus