Jack Diddly

Saturday 2 November 1996 3:00am to 7:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Partisans   Police Story
Social D   1945
Misfits   Hollowen
Utters   Dirty Sea Sounds Wrong
Pack   We Better Get Ready Vinyl
G.G. Allin   Sluts in Th City Masturbation Session, the
Iggy and the Stooges   Scene of the Crime I'm Sick of You!
The Bussness   Saterdays Heroes
The Clash   Guns of Brixton London
Uk Subs   Postcard From La Split
999   Emergency [coll]: D.I.Y.:The Modern Wor
Pogues   And the Band Played Waltz... Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
Escape From L.A. (soundtrack)   Escape From L.A. Escape From L.A.
Poison 13   What a Way to Die ______________________________
The Stitches   That Womans Got Me Drinking
Cockny Rejects   The Greatest Cockny Rip Off
The Workin Stiffs   1974
Battalion of Saints   Modern Day Heros
The Mermen   My Black Bag [coll]: Reverb Central
Chris & Kelly   Shoot that Curl [coll]: Cowabunga-Ground Swell
Skin Flutes   The Strate Edge Song
Crimpshrine   Pritty Mess
Sweet Baby Jesus   Pathetic [coll]: Turn It Around
All You Can Eat   This Die Cast Metal Has Life
Monzula   Firecracker
Crimanals   Punk Rock
Jack Acid   Up Scumbag
Area 51   Hero
Slober   Master Satin Drives a Ferh
Tom Watts   Bad Liver
Sun Ra   The Sun Myth Sun Myth, the
Nurosis   Purify Through
Noothgrush   Stasis Embraced By the Anti-Self
Abscess   Pinworms Seminal Vampires & Maggot Men
Jenny Piccolo   Labor Day 92 [coll]: Jenny Piccolo/Locust
Exit 13   Holding Onto Nothing Wind on My Back
Rash of Beatings   Pressure Bomb Rash of Beatings
Man Is the Bastard   The Arena D.I.Y.C.D.
The Mono Men   Kick Out the Jams 10 Cool Ones
Brutal Truth   Kill Trend Suicide Kill Trend Suicide
Empeoror   I Am the Black Wizard
Anal Cunt   I Just Saw the Gayest Guy on Earth 40 More Reasons to Hate Us
Msbr   Destructible Foundation [coll]: Msbr/Merzbow
Moonshine Willy   Look at Her Bold Displays of Imperfection
Jetzmann/L.Ski   Retro Retro/Supra
16   Drop Out
Assfort   Bark Up the Wrong Tree
Sleep   Holy Mountain
Buzzov-En   Blinded Wound
Nausea   Body of Christ
[coll]: Indust We Trust   Indust We Trust
Martha and the Bandellas   No Where to Run
Bufflalo Springfield   For What Its Worth
David Bowie   Ziggy Stardust
Downcast   System
Abc Deobolo  
Mad 3   Jack the Violence Jack the Violence
The Rudiments   Waleing Paddle
The Mummies   Your Ass (My Face) Tales From the Crypt
Spit a Kiss   Walk (Don't Run Away) [coll]: Spit a Kiss/Breakouts
Ex-Cathedra   Trespass
The Nation of Ulysses   The Sound of Jazz
Unwound   Valentine Card Fake Train