Leia Organa

Wednesday 5 November 1997 11:00pm to 3:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Neurosis   Shallow Short Wave Warfare
Battle of Disarm   Human Disaster Split W Masskontroll I
Zipper Spy   A Meeting Place Watch Your Damage
Corrupted   Arrastrandose Solo Split W B a J
Lab Report   In the Beginning Excision
Excreted Alive   No Los Dejan Vivir Split W Violent Hedaer
Subversion   Endless Bullshit Split W Spazz
Toadliquer   Inter Stellar Space Enlightment
7 Foot Spleen   Sloppin the Hogs Boredom and Disease
Noothgrush   Useless [coll]: Noothgrush/Agents of S
Amps for Christ and Two Am...   6SN7 Pipes Beggars Garden, the
Boris   In Hush Splitv W Barebones
Enemy Soil   Recombustion Split W Corrupted]
Slight Slappers   Miserable Fellow Split W Hatred Princis
Mrtva Budoucnost   Ticha Genocida Split W Pangs of Remoe
Hellnation   Stagnate S a H 5"
Masskontroll   Mortis Invictus Will You Ever Learn
Melt Banana   Bird Like Monkey Part 2 S Ah 7"
Mitb   Moloch Native American
Thors Hammer   Troll Awakening
Unholy Grave   Disgusting Mines Split W Entrails Masse
Black Kronstadt   0LAST Supper A World to Wino"
Benumb   Consumed Gear in the Machine
A O S   A O S no Less Hardsound Comp[
Cattle Decapitation   .Priest of Ass ______________________________
Eyehategod   Sabbath Jam Split W a C
Ebola   Screaming Inside Imprecation
Agathocles   Stained Split W E T
Pretentious Assholes   Blurred Vision S W Dangermouse
Society of Jesus   Boia Fascista ... Dei Miracoli
Boris   Mass Mercury S W Tomsk 7
9 Shocks Terror   Prozac Logic Earth Wind & Fire
Deathreat   Rims Dru Prank 7"
Acrid   Love Is no Part of this Song C W B Od
Palatka   S W E O T C P
Neuthrone   As the Grey Skies Open ______________________________
Jesuit   The Malady S/T 7"
Daniel Menche   Scratch Vulgar Scratch Recordings, the
Ansojuan   3 [coll]: Ansojuan/Assholeparade
Haters   Unlisted Number Hello Hater
Melt-Banana   Blackout Screen. [coll]: Melt-Banana/Stilluppst
Carol   Pandemonium S W Stack
Word Salad   Faction of Distopia Specimen
Enewetak   Death Bed Easyrider Sessions
Dystopia   They Live
Stack   Resolute Mondonervaktion
Cavity   Goin Ann Arbor 7"
Noam Chomsky   Intro Class War:The Attack on Work..
Liquorball   1 Live at Hitler's Bunker
Fang   Law & Order Landshark!
My Dying Bride   The Sexuality of Bereavment Trinity
Noam Chomsky   Intro Class War:The Attack on Work..
Phylr   The Field Contra La Puerta
Imminent Starvation   Not Human I I Human Dislocation
Trumans Water   3 Straps Nose to Rear Action Ornaments