Leia Organa

Friday 19 December 1997 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Dead End   Untitled Split W Idi Amin
Senseless Apocalypse   About the Pudding 7"13 Trackls Ep
Carcass   Genital Grinder 2 Pathologic
Enemy Soil   Recombustion Split W Corrupted
Agathocles   Poems Live and Noizy
Suppression   Pig Fer Split W Dahmer
His Hero Is Gone   Headless/Heartless Monuments to Thieves
Mk Ultra   Melt 7"
Corrupted   0STAR En Visperas De Ultimo Split W Noothgrush
Noothgrush   Stagnance Lp
Kreator   Pleasure to Kill Pleasure to Kill
Nausea   Why Judge Others? Split W Terrorizer
Terrorizer   Fall Out "
Systral   Save Gas Burn Nitro Split W Acheborn
Disrupt   Succumb to the Pressure Split 12"
Man Is the Bastard   Fusing Skull and Anvil [coll]: Abu-Jamal, Mumia/Man
Reform Control   Child Abusert Demo Taoe
Spinal Tap   X Mas W the Devil X Mas W the Devil
Run Dmc   X Mas in Holis A Very X Mas Special
King Diamond   No Presents for X Mas No Presents for X Mas
Albert Hague   You're a Mean One Mr Grinch Lp
Dratsab   Dratsab Music to Kill Your Pay
Word Salad   Living Circle [coll]: No Royalties
Sistema Nervioso   Where the Law Ends Where Tyrany Begins
A O S   Black Metal Bat Split W no Less
0RTOURTURED   Out of Luck W Crisis Rebirth
No Less   Balls Deep Split W a O S
Jeno   Soulless Drained
E B D   Pigs Blood Split W Laughing Dog
Crisis Rebirth   Kleptocracy Split W Artourtered
Laughing Dog   Perceptions Split W E B D
Crawl Unit   Seasons in the Vacuum Most Dangerous Game, the
Hellnation   Life Control Controll
Neurosis   Common Inconsistencies Short Wave Warfare
Mumia Abu-Jamal   Who Is not on Death Row? [coll]: Abu-Jamal, Mumia/Man
Battle of Disarm   Boycott Meat Sons of War
Hiatus   Overwhelmed Lp
Crudos   Thats Right Lp
Pisspoor]   Rollercoaster Split Lp W
Cluster Bomb Unit   Falsche Welt ______________________________
Melt-Banana   Bird Like Monkey Part 2 "
Hail Mary   For What It's Worth Crashing Down
Hellchild   Raise the Right Fist Circulating Contradiction
Capitalist Casualties   Fornicators Dope and War
Deathreat   Runs Dry Deathreat
Zeni Geva   Let there Be Rock [coll]: Palace Cont./Zeni Geva
Magus   Icons of Gods 7"
Anton Lavey   Hymn of the Satanic Empire Satanic Mass, the
Henry Lee Lucas   I Was Death... [coll]: M U R D E R
Deicide   Dead By Dawn Serpents of the Light
R.H.Y. Yau   Untitled Contagious
Blackfork   Pigeon Eatin' Chicken Rock for Loot
Brotha Lynch Hung   Inhale with Tha Devil Season of Da Sickness
Fu Manchu   Kept Between Trees Sca H 7"
Tomsk 7   Dumpside Split W Boris
Visual Discrimination   SUPERCHARGER-666 Serial Killers
Dystopia   Backstabber Reality Comp 12"
Argue Damnation   Capitalisim = Bastards [coll]: Thrash Ahoy!
Black Army Jacket   I Heard Path of 2 Swords As One, the
Sunz of Man (Dirty)   Soldiers of Darkness ______________________________
Burned Out   Hand in Hand Geballte Ladung
Opstand   D I Y 7"
Charles Bronson   Tabloid Suckass Vida Life
Gorymellanoma   Gutted and Dead Split W Emetic
State of the Union   Speech of the Bhigh One 7"
The Tweeker Killer Bees   Big Phoney Tweeker Blues, the
Vond   Untitled Green Eyed Demon
Non   Out Out Out Single
Despise You   Rage of the Helpless Possessed to Skate
State of Fear   What Comes Around Goes Around The Tables Will Turn
E T O   Another One ,Llost El Guapo
Sap   Destroy Mine [coll]: Sap / Polio
Krs One   Sound of Da Police "Sound of Da Police"
Et   Bomb Has Fallen Live at Gilman
Amen   How It Will Be Split Short Hate Tempr
An   Exceptional Waste Split W Enemy Soil
Curtis Mayfield   Think (Instrumental) Super Fly
Murder Is My Beat (soundtrack)   Dark Passage Classic Film Noir Themes
Voice of Eye   Siddhartha [coll]: Narratives:Music for F
Ken Kesey and Th Band Of...   Peggy the Pistol ______________________________