Leia Organa

Wednesday 21 January 1998 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Enewetak   Human Wrecks And the Beat Goes on
Septic Death   Quit Lp
Anal Cunt   Song #5 Morbid Florist
D B E   The Wahft Split W Utter Bastard
Dawnbreed   Innenraumverkleidung Amoklaufgefuhl
Neurosis   To What End Short Wave Warfare
C C   Violence Junkie Dissassembly Line
Alboth!   Diego Lieberfeld
Dystopia   Cosmetic Plague War Criminal Views
Nyctophobic   Inner Manipulation War Criminal Views
Winter   Blackhole Eternal Frost Cd
Gasp   Love for Retarded Starnds Split W Gasp
Noothgrush   Hatred for the Species [coll]: Corrupted/Noothgrush
Buzzoven   Useless 7"
Charred Remains   No Concern for the Inhuman Apocalyptic Convulsios
G I S M   Nuclear Armed Hogs Detestation
Noisegate   Solar Eclipse Towers Are Burning, the
Sand   Old Loggerhead [coll]: Sand/Current 93
Los Crudos   Tiempos De Misereris La Rabia Nubla Nuestrs
Charles Bronson   Cheese with Your Whine [coll]: No Royalties
Unholy Grave   Buried Terror Inhumanity
Goreaphobia   Organ Donor 7"&"
Grudge   ? Split W Regurgitate 7"
Sloth   ? Split W Gob
Non   Rise Single
Selfish   Anthem Split Cd W Doom
Napalm Death   Multinational Corporations 7"
Vond   Untitled Green Eyed Demon
Borbetomagus   Choking Olga "
Guillotine Terror   Real Assailant No God 7"
S O B   Nitemare Thrash Night
Societic Death Slaughter   Distort Hope Never Arise
Otolithen   Brucke Sabotage Opportunistic Deaf Mu
Selfish   Divisions Genet
Battle of Disarm   Cost of Nature Discrete Rec Comp Cd
Non   Millstones God & Beast
Hellnation   Women Colonized
9 Shocks Terror   B S Tantrum E W & Fire 7"
More Noise for Life   Fact Is the Answer Punk Is not Only Fun
Nasum   World in Turmoil W in Turmoikl 7"
My Dying Bride   The Bitterness and the Bereavt Unreleased Bitterness
Melt-Banana   Cough Coughed Coughing "
Carcass   Genital Grinder 2 Pathologic
The Tweeker Killer Bees   Buyer's Club Tweeker Blues, the
Mainliner   Cardinal Virtues Psychedelic Polyhedron
Civil Dissident   Tell Me the Solution Putrid Evil
Slight Slappers   Slight Slappers Over Come Pain
Senseless Apocalypse   Worst Enemy Ssetsuna
E T   Legacy of Hate Legacy of Hate
Active Minds   Capitalism in Action Split W Yacopsae
Gloom   Never Speed Noise Hardcvores
Icoclast   Silence Equals Death Who Does the Freedom ?
Tibetan Institute of Performin   Yar-Lung Tin-Sang Dhama Suna (Music of Wisdom &
Sauna   Jihad Sisrupt Split Lp
Huasipungo   Union Canciones Para Una Caa
Kuru   Stressed Out Breed
Unarmed   As Mankind Dies Split W Mindsuck
Aphasic + Dj Scud   Track 1 Welcome to the Warren
Plainfield   Gargoyles [coll]: Plainfield/Melt Banana
Cavity   Scalpel 7" on City of Crime
Mk Ultra   Melt 7"
Harmonia 76   Vamos Companeros Tracks & Traces