Leia Organa

Wednesday 18 February 1998 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Corrupted   Arrastrandose Solo [coll]: Corrupted/Black Army..
Boris   Mass Mercury [coll]: TOMSK-7/BORIS
TOMSK-7   Dumpsite [coll]: TOMSK-7/BORIS
Jeno   Politikill ______________________________
Boris   Melovespot Cd on Relapse
Neurosis   Day of the Lords Empty
P H C   Moron League Pissedplayground
Cattle Press   Smog Split W Agoraphobic N
Knut   This Side S/T 7"
Apt 213   Kill for Christ Vacancy
Lyburnum   Librarian Amnesty Comp
Jesuit   The Smooth Talking Son of a Bh Comp Cd
Fear of God   Abuncha Shit Off Of... As Statues Fell
Deadbodieseverywhere   The Whaft S W Utter Bastard
Utter Bastard   Are You a Whore? S W Cause for Effect
Ruido   Opresion [coll]: Tezacrifico/Ruido
Noothgrush   Hatred for the Species [coll]: Corrupted/Noothgrush
Melt Banana   Y-Axis/Aquatic Bee [coll]: Plainfield/Melt Banana
Crisis Rebirth   Kleptocracy [coll]: Artortured/Crisis Rebi
Cavity   Intro #2 Somewhere
Facade Burned Black   Ritual Therapy Who Will Save
Sleep   Numb Sign Language
Skepticism   Aethre Ethere
Eternal Darkness   Doomed S/T 7"
Mordor   Dark Is the Future S/T 7" Pic Dsc
Senseless Apocalypse   Worst Enemy 5"
Idi Amin   Fertilizer Dead End
Drop Dead   Bosnia Split W Crossed Ouy
Crossed Out   Fertilizer S
Seein Red   Repeat Noisegrinding Violence
Nebula   Elevation Let It Burn
Nema   Sometimes 7'
Nasum   As Time Goes By World in Turmioil
More Noise for Life   Fact Is the Answer Punk Is not Only Fun
Supression   System Upheavel Ist 7" on Sludge
Radioactive Lunch   Cake &" 7"
A O S   Crust+ Glam Fgirst 7"
C C   My Dad Kills for the U S a The Art of Ballistics
Black Sabbath   Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
A C   When I Think Of.... Everyone Should Be Ki.
Spazz   Lethal Dwarf Jester Rising
Manis the Bastard   Alone W Labor Split 12" W Bastard Ne
Uranus   Foncez Split 12" W His Hero
Tho Kolosi   Blessed Bigot Not at Total War Yet
Dahmer   Fonsez Split W I R F
Locust   Emaciation Fuckers [coll]: Fiesta Comes Alive!
E B D   Pigs Blood Split W Laughing Dog
Dystopia   Split Lp W Embittered
B T P N L S L   The Apocalypse Through Sound Lp
Ottawa   Holy of Holies Slplit W Jihad
Masskontroll   Recycle or Die Flexi
Disrupt   Trapped Sauna Split
S O B   Nitemare 7'
Enewetak   No Return First 7"
Seized   Remove All Split W Inertiakills
Systral   Save Gas Burn Nitro Split W Acheborn
Meatjack   Falling Down Split W Bongzilla
Sepyic Death   Poison Mask Flexi Comp
Battle of Disarm   Boycott Meat 2 Split W Hylkio
Benumb   Deprivation Relapse 7"
Ax   Molten Beast Astronomy
Bill Laswell/Style Scott   Emergency at the Plant Dub Meltdown