Leia Organa

Thursday 9 April 1998 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Unhinged   Crime for Too Long Crime and Punishment
Medication Time   Moorg Demo Tape
Hiatus   Down W/ the Ballot Box Lp
Dystopia   Socialized Death Sentence 7"
Lachrymose   Demo Tape
Fields of Shit   Lies 10'
Ottawa   Holy of Holies Split 12" W/ Jihad
Anti Authorize   It's Time for Change Yankee Bombs Hiroshima
Masskontroll   Countdown to Annilation 4 Way Split 10"
Doom   Sympton of the Universe Live in Japan
Accion Mutanye   Dreads and Spikes 7"
Disrupt   Subject to Suffering Split Cd W/ Destroy
3 Way Cum   Witch Finder
C C   Violence Junkie Dissassembly ,L
Headache   12"
Scatha   From the Heart 12"
Kimusawea   Star Lp
Dawnbreed   Rezessions Chic Lp
Neurosis   Pain of Mind Lp
Controlled Bleeding   After the Rain Inanation
Feedback   Seasons Megasoft Office