Tuesday 19 January 1999 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Art Ensemble of Chicago   Malachi Coming Home Jamaica
William Parker   Face Still Hands Folded Through Acceptance of the Mys.
Talip Ozkan   Girdin Yarnin Bahcesine Dark Fire, the
Talip Ozkan   Abdal Dance Dark Fire, the
New York Art Quartet   Short New York Art Quartet
Matthew Shipp & Horn Quartet   Strata 3 Strata
Small Black Pig   The Weasel Jolly Grim
Harriet Tubman   2 Man Army I Am a Man
Robert Earl Keen   Down that Dusty Road Walking Distance
Harry Dean Stanton   Across the Borderline "You Don't Miss Your Water"
John Fahey   On the Beach at Waikiki Death Chants, Breakdowns And..
Buckminster Fuzeboard   Beets Gone Bad How to Make C60 BR24 in Under
Various Artists   Modulo 8.5 (Pole Mix) Various Artists
The Gladiators   Don't Fool the Young Girls Bongo Red
St 37   Translunar Injection Secret Society, the
.   The Good the Bad and the [coll]: Bombay the Hard Way
Mummy the Peep Show   M + P Part 2 Mummy the Peep Show
Black Cowboy   <You're on Your Own...> Black Cowboy
The Knit Seperates   In the Sea at Night S/T
Yid Vicious   A Vicious Bulgar Klez, Kez, Goy Mit Fez
Reid, Sharp, Torn   Xenomorph Guitar Oblique
The Slackers   Mountainside Question, the
The Fiends   Jack the Ripper Gravedigger
Boilermaker Jazz Band   Them there Eyes Linger Awhile
Bruce Haack   Electric to Me Turn Electric Lucifer, the
Edward Ka-Spel   Even Now Down in the City of Heartbrk..
Brooks, Cedric 'im'   Silent Force United Africa
Prince Charming   Midnight Massacre Fantastic Voyage
Chazam   Il Fait Nuit Des Acces De L'homme
Bingo Gazingo   Everyday I Leave Ten... Bingo Gazingo
New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra   Humus-The Life Exploring... Don Cherry/Penderecki
Leo Rowesome   The Battle of Aughrim March King of the Pipers
Davy Spillane   By the River of Gems Atlantic Bridge
Heritage   Tell Tae Me Tell Tae Me
Heritage   Calabrian Pastorale Tell Tae Me
Jean Redpath   Leaving the Land Leaving the Land
Kinnaird and Primrose   Since My Darling Turned From E The Quiet Tradition
Bouchad and Colas   Farewell Marian/The Delight Water Sun
Blackeyed Biddy   Farewell Tae the Haven Peace Enjoyment Love E
The Chieftans   The Ace and the Deuce of Pipeg 7
Glenn Morgan   The Dressed Ship/The Indian Qn Borders no More
Donnie Macdonald   The Uist Tramping Song Songs of the Homeland
Mary Ohara   Annie Laurie Mary Ohara's Scotland
Brown Sisters and George Cavah   Will Ye Gang Love West of Home
Dougie Maclean   Till We Meet Again Whitewash