Monday 17 May 1999 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Brood   The Brood Wwf: the Music
Lfo   Tied Up (Original) Tied Up
Ponga   Pick Up the Pieces of ... Ponga
Jimpster   Fundamental Things Messages From the Hub
Devil Dub Band   Macrocardio Dub Infarction Devil Dub
Scarletron   Monomaniac [coll]: Misc
Gargoyles   Final Ascent Without End
Cube & Sphere   Pending Great Norwegian Explorers
Feedtime   Lightning's Girl Cooper-S
Gas Huffer   Over the Side Just Beautiful Music
Danny Breaks   Dimension Dislocated Sounds
Danny Breaks   Organ-Isation Dislocated Sounds
Danny Breaks   Exit Dislocated Sounds
Fearless Four   Problems of the World Today Problems of the World
Brainticket   Brainticket ______________________________
Supergenius   A Bobadelic Relic Star Wars Breakbeats
Peter Broggs   Never Forget Jah Progressive Youth
Scientist   The Mummy's Shroud Rids the World of the Devil...
Gfq   Raspotcanty ______________________________
Dj Spooky & Totemplow   Template 23 ( Spektr Mix ) Template 23 Mixes
Cul De Sac   Etaoin Shrdlu Crashes to Light Minutes to ..
Aphex Twin   AM-1=-OCEDIN/EFJI[N-1]+FEXTN Windowlicker Ep
Tommy Guerrero & Gadget   Weed on the Tree, 40 on the Weed on the Tree, Forty on the
Bongzilla   Sacred Smoke Stash
Di'jital   Mo' Beats Mind of the Master, the
Drexciya 4   Aquarazorda Unknown Aquazone
Muslimgauze   Lion of Kandahar Iran
Live Human   Orange Bush Monkey Flower Orange Bush Monkey Flower
Helmet   Unsung Unsung
Encore   Defined By the Dollar "The Essence"
Bolt Thrower   Mercenary Mercenary
Hammerhead   The Starline Locomotive Into the Vortex
Emanon   Personification Acid Nine
Up, Bustle and Out   Avoir Le Coup...Chez Vous Rustlin' Ep
Sweep the Leg Johnny   Please Give Me Roses Before Tomorrow We Will Run Faster
Q-Bert   Turntable Tv (Blueprint) Wave Twisters
Q-Bert   Aphrodisiskratch Wave Twisters
Dom & Roland   The Storm Storm, the
Ticklah   Ticklah's Swing Polydemic
Add N to X   Skills Avant Hard
Wesley Willis   Mr. Scarface Greatest Hits, VOL.2
Tom Waits   What's He Building? Mule Variations
Twilight Circus Sound System   Dance Horsie