Friday 25 June 1999 5:00am to 7:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Phonopsychograph   To Me Its Scrambled Eggs Ancient Termites
Invisibl Skratch Piklz   I.S.P. Vs. the Klamzo' Death Furious Ostrich Tracks
Dj Shadow/Chief Xcel   Hardcore(Inst.)Hip Hop "Hard Core(Inst.) Hip Hop"
Dj Shadow   In/Flux In/Flux
Dj Shadow   Part 3 What Does Your Soul Look Like
Blackalicious   A2G A2G
Dr Dooom   Side Line First Come First Served
Swollen Members   Shatter Proof 12"
Swollen Members   S&M on the Rocks "S&M on the Rocks
Alien Nation   Unicron Return to Cybertron
Paris   Warning Devil Made Me Do It, the
Mobb Deep   Survival of the Fittest "Survival of the Fittest" Remx
Non Phixion   I Shot Reagan 12"
Phoenix Orion   Z X 1 Zimulated Experiencez
Too Short   Life Is...Too Short Life Is...Too Short
Ghostface Killah   Daytona 500 "Daytona 500"
D J Shok   Padlock Shok Therapy
Frankenstein   The Rain Is Gone "The Rain Is Gone"/"All..."
Force of Angels   Method to My Madness [coll]: Avantgardism
Hole Tone Java   Vert [coll]: Avantgardism
Jonah Sharp/Plaid   Soon [coll]: South of Market Ep
The Black Dog   Simperton Peel Session
Boards of Canada   The Color of the Fire Music Has the Right to Childrn
Sonogram   Barfly Heartbeat Submarines
Bongzilla   Harvest Stash
Ministry   Stigmata Land of Rape and Honey, the
Push Button Objects   Apple Sauce ______________________________
Perry, Lee "Scratch" and the U   Sunshine Rock Upsetter Shop, Vol 2; 1969, th
Devil Dub Band   Floridub Devil Dub
Mystic Revealers   Sunshine (Cloudy Day) Jah Works
Dub Narcotic   Foxy Hardcore Rhythm Record
Pablo Moses   Will Power Mission
Bob Marley   One Love Original Box Set
Bob Marley   Keep on Movin Box Set
Bob Marley