Wednesday 25 August 1999 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Jedi Mind Tricks   Heavenly Devine (Clean) Hevanly Devine
Mortician   Island of the Dead Chainsaw Dismemberment
Third Electric
Kungfu Rick   The Dating Game Motivation to Abuse.
Blind Idiot God   Head on Cyclotron
Live Human   The E Pod Monostereosis
Live Human   Orangebushmonkeyflower Monostereosis
Like a Tim   I've Lost I'm Serious
Scar Tissue   Cascade T.M.O.T.D.
Yaphet Kotto   Reserved for Speaker Killer Was in the Govt. Bl, th
Yaphet Kotto   Driving Through Natchez Killer Was in the Govt. Bl, th
Mix Master Mike   Suprize Packidge Radio Mix Suprize Packidge
Luciano   Sweep Over My Soul Dub [coll]: M L K Dub
Sweep the Leg Johnny   Please Give Me Roses Before Tomorrow We Will Run Faster
Danny Breaks   Hemisphere Dislocated Sounds
Danny Breaks   Definition Dislocated Sounds
Cul De Sac   Etaoin Shrdlu Crashes to Light Minutes to ..
Commitment   The Web of Forces S/T
Landed   Everything's Happening Everything's Happening
Onslaught   Skullcrusher 1 Power From Hell
Gorguts   Disincarnated Considered Dead
Killdozer   Space: 1999 12 Point Buck
Laika   Marimba Song Antenna
Salamander   Return to Rural Highway Red Mantra
Tom Waits   What's He Building? Mule Variations
Melt-Banana   Iguana in Trouble Scratch or Stitch
Dom + Roland   Chained on Two Sides Industry
Kruton   Turnip in the Mist Unxplored Beats
Mercyful Fate   Burning the Cross Return of the Vampire
Nailbomb   Vai Tomas no Cu Point Blank
Dj Format   English Lesson "English Lesson"