Wednesday 17 November 1999 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Underground Resistance   Re:Con/Black Strategy Hidden in Plain Sight
Gangrel/The Brood   Gangrel/The Brood Wwf the Music
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band   Red Match Box [coll]: Afrojazzfunk
Cassius Clay   Iam the Double Greatest Iam the Greatest
Bullwackie's All Stars   Mango Drive Mango Walk
Salamander   Return to Rural Highway Red Mantra
Black Army Jacket   Dripping 222
Sub Oslo   Science of Dub Sub Oslo
Junior Kimbrough   Junior's Place Meet Me in the City
Material   No Guts no Galaxy Intonarumori
Laibach   Anastasia Sympathy for the Devil
Fang   Eat a Vegan Amercain Nightmare
Drums and Tuba   The Mummy Flatheads and Spoonies
Bongzilla   Harvest Stash
Danny Breaks   Dissonance Dislocated Sounds
Laika   Marimba Song Antenna
Wayne Jarret   Brimstone and Fire Bubble Up
Jimi Hendrix   Angel ANGEL/1983
Attention Deficit Disorder   Reverence ______________________________
Jonny L.   Raise "Raise"
Funckarma   Fog Dub 10
Rovo   N'dam Imago
Moosaka   Question Sparx Sound Thoughts
T-Cisco   Matt's Blues Destructive Edit, the
Four Manmarch   When We Were Brave Luckiest Man on Earth E.P.
Breakestra   Getcha Soul Togetha Pt. 1 Getcha Soul Togetha
Bolt Thrower   Embers 4TH Crusade, the
Alton Ellis   Sh-Boom(Life Could Be a Drea Arise Black Man 1968-1978
David Kristian   Crown Drawing [coll]: Kristian, David & Lowf
Caspar Brotzmann   Rain Mute Massaker
Jimpster   Messages From the Hub Messages From the Hub
Emperor Penguin   Federation Funk Extreme Gaming
Newt   Ostad [coll]: Counterintelligence
Voltaic   Thermodrive [coll]: Counterintelligence
Rob Swift   All that Scratching (Orig.) Ablist, the
Innerzone Orchestra   Monsters Programmed