Saturday 11 December 1999 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Swans   Volcano Soundtracks for the Blind
Matmos   Cloth Mother/Wire Mother Quasi-Objects
Etant Donnes   Aime-Moi Bleu
The Tape-Beatles   Reality of Matter Good Times
Idea Fire Company   Against Gravity Anti-Natural
Aube   Move From Drop Ricochet Entrance
Fourier   Flowtation Flowtation
Antarctica   Ultra Norsk 81:03
Tarwater   The Watersample Silur
Andreas Martin/Chris Heemann   A2 Lebenserinnerungen Eines...
Class   Could You Ever Love Me? First
Mecca Normal   Her Ambition Eagle & the Poodle, the
Mogwai   Like Herod Young Team
Drums and Tuba   The Mummy Flatheads and Spoonies
Virgin Prunes   Come to Daddy A New Form of Beauty 2
Amber Asylum   Everything You Touch Songs of Sex and Death
Rachel's   On Demeter Selenography
The Angels of Light   Angels of Light New Mother
The Faint   In Concert Blank-Wave Arcade
!!!   Instinct [coll]: Outhud/!!!
Zoobombs   Mo', Funky(Pt. 1) Let It Bomb
Make-Up   Save Yourself Save Yourself
Dura Delinquent   Head Over High Heels Hitman's Lament
The Knit Separates   Swords, Then Diamonds Swords, Then Diamonds
Lowfish   Pang Fear not the Snow & Other ...
T-Cisco   Outer Limits Destructive Edit, the
Bardo Pond   Cross Current Set and Setting
Uberhund   Cheap and Dreary Part 2 Inexpensively Embalmed
Die Like a Dog Quartet   Encore From Valley to Valley
Blast   Visceral Ooze A Sophisticated Face
Vhf   Ra Extracts
Bailey/Stevens/Watts   Impromptu Dynamics 3 Dynamics of the Impromptu
I C P Orchestra   Rollo 1 Jubilee Varia