Agent 99

Wednesday 15 December 1999 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Yume Bitsu   Team Yume Untitled (2ND Album)
Erik Belgum   Monologues Blodder
My Dad Is Dead   Evolution For Richer, for Poorer
Eugene Chadbourne   The Bully Song Country Music of S.E. Australa
Bright Eyes   A Line Allows Progress,A... Every Day & Every Night
Cobra Killer   Kick Jump - Part Jump ______________________________
John Lurie   Bella By Barlight
Gas   B1 Konigsforst
Pulp   My Legendary Girlfriend
Antarctica   Disc 1> Absence 81:03
Cabaret Voltaire   Sensoria Radiation:Bbc Recordings 84-86
Antonin Artaud   Opening Text Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement
Jeremy Boyle   Kiss Songs From the Guitar Solos
Jeremy Boyle   Van Halen Songs From the Guitar Solos
Barry Adamson   The Man with the Golden Arm Man with Golden Arm, the
Nina Simone   I Got Life
Meg Lee Chin   Thing Piece and Love
Phoenecia   Oddjobb "Oddjobb"
French Paddleboat   The Market's Price Conversions in Metric
Serge Gainsbourg   Requiem Pour Un Twisteur Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin
Andrea Parker   The Unknown Kiss My Arp
The Mountain Goats   Against Agamemnon Bitter Melon Farm
The Wedding Present   Jet Girl Singles 1995-97
Gang of Four   Ether
The Knit Separates   It Hurts to Know Swords, Then Diamonds
Magic Hour   Isnt a Way No Excess Is Absurd
For Stars   Sorry Windows for Stars
John Davis   Knocked Out of the Park Leave Home
King Tubby   Battle Axe Dub
Skatalites   Third Man Theme [coll]: 84 Men (soundtrack)
U-Roy   Merciful Dub Lost Album-Right Time Rock, th
The Slackers   Manuel Question, the
Clash   White Man in Hammersmith P.. From Here to Eternity
The Aerosols   If It Hurts, Take It Down... S/T
Billy Childish   I've Got Everything Indeed Crimes Against Music
U.S. Saucer   Three Ungrasping Chieftains Hell Yes
Make-Up   Save Yourself Save Yourself
The Magick Heads   Don't Knock It Down Transvection
Datach'i   Vcr Powered Carcass (2) (Rec + Play)
Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid   Of Form and Function [coll]: Dj Spooky/Lindsay, Art