Hairy Kari

Thursday 27 January 2000 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Frigg   Liebeslied Brecht
Fuehler   Licht Fuehler
Elf Power   The Separating Fault When the Red King Comes
Cat Power   Nude As the News What Would the Community Think
Neither Neither World   Alchemaic Misture [coll]: Neither Neither World
Erkin Koray   Sevildigimiz Icin Severiz Erkin Koray
The Yips   Dust Seven Pillars of the Yips, the
John Holmes   Great Escape El Louso Suavo
Pachinko   9/13/68 Splender in the Ass 2:ELECTRIC
Bob Tilton   She Sings but Once Crescent
Davis Jr., Sammy   Birth of the Blues Sammy & Friends
The Beginning of Tthe End   Funky Nassau PT.2 Funky Nassau
Dilute   Freedumb S/T
Full Dimension   Dust on My Bible S/T
Flying Saucer Attack   Rover Mirror
Metropolitan   Punches Side Effects
Buzzcocks   Rendezvous Modern
Buttsteak   Bury You Moroccan Vd Cd Lp
Ilium   Purple Paint By Number
Uncle Wiggly   Backyard Farfecthedness
Yume Bitsu   I Wait for You Untitled (2ND Album)
Duster   Irato 1975
St 37   Acetone I Love to Talk, If There's...
Zorn, John, (The Bribe)   Skyline Variations and Extensions...
Enter the Dragon (soundtrack)   Theme (Reprise) ______________________________
Hans a Plas   Rank Xerox [coll]: Bloodstains Acr Germ 2
Chronics   Test Tube Baby [coll]: Killed By Death #999
I Am Spoonbender   Replaced By Toys Sender/Receiver
Nobody   Green Means Earthtones
Neutral Milk Hotel   Youve Passed On Avery Island
Refrigerator   Somehow Refrigerator
Yo La Tengo   Out of Control Upside-Down
The Dirtys   Midnite Till Noon You Should Be Sinnin'
Zoobombs   South Central Rock Let It Bomb
Turing Machine   Flip-Book Oscilloscope A New Machine for Living
Velma   Vitamine Cyclique
Sonic Youth (And Friends)   Six for New Time Goodbye 20TH Century