Les Ismoore

Monday 10 April 2000 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Angel in Heavy Syrup   Breath of Life I I I
The Gunga Din   Mama Glitterati
The Mercury Program   In From the Sea S/T
Masaki Batoh   Magakami Kikaokubeshi
Dirty Three   Stellar Whatever You Love, You Are
Tom Rapp   Mars A Journal of the Plague Year
Bright Eyes   Neely O'hara Every Day & Every Night
Jackie-O Motherfuckers   Your Cells Are in Motion Fig. 5
Brian Jonestown Massacre   Got My Eye on You Strung Out in Heaven
Erkin Koray   Istemem [coll]: Love,Peace & Poetry
Ghost   I've Been Flying "
Technician   Quarry Electronic Conversations...
Lowercase   Glisten to the Pink Going Away Present, the
Gravitar   Automaton Gravitar
Southall Riot   Kiss Me Robot, I Love You S/T
Brother J.T   Mind (Rot) Music for the Other Head
Friends of Dean Martinez   Summertime A Place in the Sun
Twisted Shouts   Chuck Berry's Orphan [coll]: House, Ron: New Wave..
Slint   Good Morning, Captain Spiderland
Tied + Tickled Trio   Utrom EA1 EA2
The Microphones   Moon Moon Moon Window: the Series + 6 Others
Emperor Penguin   Chill or Be Chilled Mysterious Pony
Stratford Mercenaries   Where Is Love Sense of Solitude
Impiety   Torment in Fire Skullfucking Armageddon
Slave One   Jaded Tree Self Titled
Ankhelgloknar   Forever Mortuus Deus
Skull Control   Long Wave Zzzzzzz
The Quadrajets   The Tomb of Johnny Reb When the World's on Fire!
Marianne Faithfull   Wilder Shores of Love Vagabond Ways
Cyrus Rego   The Very First S/T
Keiron Phelan &David Sheppard   Azizintla Fireflies ______________________________
L@N   Tooinone Twoinone
Recoil   Strange Hours Liquid
Antibalas   Uprising Part 1 Uprising
Nils Erga   Elka Dub [coll]: Sandnes/Stavanger
Coldharbourstores   Indecision S/T
Shiv Kumar Sharma   Mishra Pahadi