Les Ismoore

Wednesday 19 April 2000 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Herbalizer   40 Winks Wall Crawling...
French Paddleboat   What It Means to Stay Awake Conversions in Metric
Add N to X   Inevitable Fast Access Vero Electronics
Eyeless in Gaza   Staring Song of the Beautiful Wanton
Emperor Penguin   Mood Mound Mysterious Pony
Mazinga Phaser   Infinity for Now Crusing Thru the Neo Glories..
Nocturnal Emissions   They Will not Touch You Futurist Antiquarianism
The Aphex Twin   Digeridoo Digeridoo Ep
Alder and Elius   Vesica Pisces Parental Advisory
Atau   Delull Biorhythms
Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa   Achtung, Dropouts! Book of Dingenskirchen 1987
Robo-Gnostic   American Speed ______________________________
Persona   100 Years of Jazz... Uptight
Flowchart   Lovefingers [coll]: Electronic Evocations
Cave/Harvey/E. Clayton-Jones   Doghead And the Ass Saw the Angel
Matrix   Blue Film #4+ Un/Self-Titled
Cave/Harvey/E. Clayton-Jones   Lamentation And the Ass Saw the Angel
Gino Robair   She Left Me for a She ______________________________
Slowpoke   Make Out Machine (Part 1) Make Out Machine
Tied + Tickled Trio   Van Brunf EA1 EA2
Matmos   Last Delicious Cigarette West, the
Hausen Stock & Walkman   Feather Ventilating Deer
Silver Apples   Program Silver Apples
The Microphones   Moon Moon Moon Window: the Series + 6 Others
Ko-Wreck Technique   Metro Dade (Plaid Mix) Ko-Wrecktion Ep
S/T   Airkraut Airkraut
Edward Ka-Spel   Swamp Thing/Simone Is/Red... Red Letters
Dinah Shore, Jr.   Electric Angels W/Dirty Fcs S/T
Stereolab   Doubt Switched on Stereolab
Loveletter   Love [coll]: Songs for the Jetset
Ul Lim, San   It Was Probably Late Summer [coll]: Love,Peace & Poetry
Keiron Phelan &David Sheppard   Snowfall Over... ______________________________
Willie King   Sasquatch of the Sequoia A Dozen Holidays
Johnny Osbourne   Folly Ranking Musical Chopper
Gladiators   Red Version Full Time
Organized Kryme   Eternal Vibe, Volume 1
Alemayehu Eshete   Wededku Afkerkush Ethiopian Groove
Don Byron   Mango Meat Nu Blaxploitation
Lora Chiorah-Dye & Sukutai   Chemtengure [coll]: Safarini in Transit Mu
Ali Khan   Hay Ni Allah Taswir
Toshi Tsuchitori   Nat. Voice W/Hamonium & Wind Breath