Thursday 25 May 2000 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Swans   Warm The Great Anihilator
Swans   Yum Yab Killers Soundtracks for the Bd
Skin   1000 Years 1000 Years
Jarboe   Red 13 Masks
Jarboe   Walls Are Bleeding Nine/Underground
Swans   Volcano Soundtracks for the
Swans   Blackmail Greed
World of Skin   Still a Child Blood,Women & Roses
Jarboe   The Body Lovers Sacrificial Cake
World of Skin   We'll Fall Apart Blood,Women,Roses
World of Skin   Everything for Maria 10 Song for Another Wd
Swans   In My Garden Children of God
Beautiful People Ltd   Warm Liquid Event Introducing Beautif
Jarboe   Surgical Saviour Sacrificial Cake
Jarboe   No (Mix) Alphabet City
Swans   Mother's Milk Omniscience
Swans   The Other Side of the World Love of Life
Swans   Love Will Tear Us Apart Various Failures
World of Skin   Cry Me a River Blood, Women, Roses
Swans   Hypogirl Soundtrack for the Bld
Swans   M/F Swans Are Dead
Jarboe   I Got a Gun 13 Masks
Jarboe   Not Noah's Ark Anhedoniac
Swans   Blood on Your Hands Swans Are Dead
Jarboe   Vomit Veritas Shrine (Coll)
Swans   Lavendar Swans Are Dead
Jarboe   Anhedoniac Anhedoniac
Swans   I Crawled Swans Are Dead
Jarboe   Breathe What Is Eternal (Coll)
Blackmouth   Untitled
Jarboe   Honey Anhedoniac
Jarboe   Bound Disburden Disciple
Blackmouth   The Conversion
Jarboe   Last Will