Sunday 4 September 2005 3:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Henri Pousseur   Trois Visages De Liege [coll]: New Electronic Music
Philip Glass   Act 1, Scene 2 Satyagraha
Nying & Drukpa Orders: Nyim...   Peling Shachham, Deer Dance [coll]: Tibetan Buddhist Rites
Morton Feldman   Durations 3 Straights of Magellan and More
Krzysztof Penderecki   Threnody for the Victims of [coll]: New Music, the
Witold Lutoslawski   Preludes and Fugue - 1 Works for Orchestra, Etc...
Witold Lutoslawski   Preludes and Fugue - 2 Works for Orchestra, Etc...
Kylesa   Phantoms To Walk a Middle Course
Fall of the Bastards   Angelrot Dusk of An Ancient Age
Vegas Martyrs   Memantine/Stranger Choking Doberman
The Shadow Ring   Man I'm Some Songs
The Dead C   8. 4:36 04:36 [coll]: Konono NO.1/DEAD C, Th
Mecha Fixes Clocks   Planet Genre Specific Orbiting with Screwdrivers
The One A.M. Radio   I Think this Is My Exit I Think this Is My Exit
Die Welttraumforscher   Kleines Madchen 21 Weltraum - Standards
Dorge, Pierre, New Jungle Orch   Hawk Meets Sun Ra Giraf
Fursaxa   Poppy Opera Lepidoptera
Hanne Hukkelberg   Ease Little Things