Thursday 18 May 2006 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Coil   How to Destroy Angels How to Destroy Angels
Charlemange Palestine   Negative Sound Study Negative Sound Study
Tetsu Inoue   Modem and I Fragment Dots
Zelienople   Softkiller Sleeper Coach
Dieter Ammann   Violation I Freedom of Speech, The
Tactile   Grief Grief
Silverman   Lp Side a Track One Nature of Illusion
My Cat Is An Alien   Track 2-1 Cosmological Eye Trilogy, the
Kurt Jr. Vonnegut   Part One Slaughterhouse Five
Yellow Swans   Side 1 Track 1 Drift
Fred Frith/Henry Kaiser   Hard Time Killin' Floor... Friends & Enemies
Don Caballero   I Never Liked You American Don
Al Duvall   The Trashman's Daughter Coroner & Knives
Sir Richard Bishop   Gnostic Gem Improvika
Antarcticans   Burn Your Fossil Fuels Live From the DEVILSV8
Bevel   Our Winter Correspondence (King of Children) Turn The Furnace On
Mecca Normal   I'll Call You Observer, The
Vashti Bunyan   Against the Sky Lookaftering
Vijaya   End of Love Street Vijaya
Tom Carter   Glyph 1 Glyph
Om   At Giza Conference of The Birds
Kuupuu   Seitseman Kuula Kaivo Illusia
Mammatus   The Outer Rim Mammatus
Asva   a Trap For Judges Third Plague, The
Boris   Soft Edge Heavy Rocks
3/4 Had Been Eliminated   Fun with Nails A Year of the Aural Garage...
Die Trip Computer Die   Old King Riff Die Like a Rock
Japanther   Furrs Is Gone Yer LIving Grave
Paivansade   Soulakaikaivokst Puhalluspelto
Bird Show   Field On Water Lightning Ghosts
Volcano The Bear   Russian Milk Classic Erasmus Fusion
Tartufi   Ashes Trouble
Mike Tamburo   Adam's Fruit Temptation Beating of the Rewound Son
Ben Vautier   Some Ideas for Fluxus Fluxus Anthology
Wolf Vostell   Elektronischer De'coll/Age Fluxus Anthology
Gown   Dishonest Water Sacred Mountains
MGR   III Nova Lux