Day Of Doom (24+ hour special)

Tuesday 6 June 2006 12:00am to 12:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Isis   Celestial (The Tower) Celestial
Alboth!   Fleischhauer Ecco La Fiera
Slayer   Altar of Sacrifice Reign in Blood
Slayer   Jesus Saves Reign in Blood
Anton Maiden   The Number of the Beast Anton Maiden
xasthur   in the hate of battle nocturnal poisoning
Tarantula Hawk   Untitled 1 2
mighty sphincter   120 days of sodom ghost walking
Temple of Tiermes   Ahau Kines Psychotropic Substances
Graves at Sea   Cirrhosis Let there Be Doom I I
Floor   Dove Dove
Corrupted   Inactive Corrupted/Noothgrush
Burial Year   Fracture Pestilence
Thorr's Hammer   Rorge Dommedagsnatt
Anodyne   Living Indoors Anodyne / Keelhaul
Remains Of the Day   Depicting the Subtleties Hanging On Rebellion
Wormwood   Nothing Requiescat
Khanate   Under the Rotting Sky S/T
Khanate   No Joy S/T
Brujeria   Consejos Narcos Raza Odiada
Burmese   Treaties Of Greed And Filth
Sunn O)))   Side B Peel Sessions 12"
Paradise Lost   Written by John Milton Read by Frederick Davidson
Riley, Terry   Olson I I I Olson I I I
Teen Cthulhu   When Flesh Becomes Scabbard S/T 7"
Buzzoven   Flow ...At a Loss
Buried At Sea   Track 3
Cattle Decapitation   Men Before Swine (Outro) Humanure
Hive Mind   Death Tone Death Tone
molehill   24 hour mercy plea comfort measured...
Pink Mountain   Biography of The Sun Pink Mountain
boris   absolutego absolutego
Sleestak   Mercury Clone Mach 2
Corrupted   Empty Corrupted/Cripplebasta
Corrupted   Paso Inferior 2 Paso Inferior
Corrupted   Arrastrandose Solo Corrupted/Black Army Jacket
A.N.P.   Ultrasonic Baby Ultrasonic Action
nortt   gravfred bludgeon
rigor sardonicus   apocalypse damnare apocalypse damnare
bunkur   bludgeon bludgeon
esoteric   bereft epistimeological despondency
bethlehem   schatten aus der Alexander Welt dictus te necare
boris   absolutego excerpt absolutego
wormwood   out cold III
fleshpress   cold dawn/ reborn III
rigor sardonicus   the deathles soul apocalypsis damnare
esoteric   disident metamorphogenesis
Tudor   Zombie Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Nekrolog Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Upiri Zena Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Plast Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Smrtelny Soud Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Kremace Svatych Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Kral Kanybal Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Smrtici Sen Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Spaseni Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Strach Ultra Black Metal
Tudor   Skeletor I. Ultra Black Metal
Black Boned Angel   Supereclipse I Supereclipse
Sunn O)))   Cursed Realms Black One
esoteric   psychotropic transaggression metamorphogenesis
Khanate   Dead No Joy [Remix] B/W Dead
Boris   Side 4:EVIL One Which Sobs Dronevil
monarch   somewhere below the devil is laughing 666
Grief   Coma Dismal
Corrupted   Anciano Anciano
Ocean   First Reign Here Where Nothing Grows
Asunder   A Calrion Call A Clarion Call
Black Mayonnaise   Narcotic Fog Ttssattsr
Earth   Ouroboros Is Broken Postgraduate Seminars: Eye
Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine   He that Accepts All that Isd Rampton
Melvins / Lustmord   Pigs of the Roman Empire Pigs of the Roman Empire
fleshpress   all hope lost/ becoming soil III
ghoul   raping soul raping soul
skepticism   backward funeral the process of farmokon
evoken   in solitary ruin antithesis of light
corrupted   track 1 (in japanese) se hace por los suenos asesinos
catacombs   fallen into shadow In the depths of R'lyeh
esoteric   sinistrous pernicious
Dystopia   Diary of a Battered Child Dystopia/Suffering Lun
bunkur   bludgeon excerpt bludgeon
bethlehem   verschlierte dictius te necare
monarch   deadmen tell no tales 666
evoken   quietus quietus
thor's hammer   mellon galgene dammedagsnatt
Melvins   Lysol Lysol
Neurosis   The Last You'll Know Times of Grace
Swans   I Crawled
Eyehategod   Take As Needed for Pain Take As Needed for Pain
esoteric   interview + cuts
Noothgrush   Dianoga (1) Failing Early, Failing Often
Sleep   Jerusalem Jerusalem
jacula   triumphatus sad in cauda semper stat venenum
disembowelment   cerulean transience of all my imagined shores discography
parameacium   a moment a time to mourn
mournful congregation   fading light of a dying sun the dawning of mournful hymns
witchfinder general   death penalty death penalty
worship   keep on selling cocaine to angels last cd before doomsday
codeine   cave-in frigid stars lp
malasangre   werewolf/echoes of the past inversus
celestiial   haunting cries beneath the lake where our queen once walked desolate north
trouble   the tempter psalm 9
thergothon   who rides the astral wings ? stream from the heavens
solar anus   skull alcoholic skull alcoholic
winter   eternal frost into darkness/eternal frost
pod people   the missed doom saloon
cathedral   picture of beauty and innocence/commiserating the celebratio forest of equilibrium
mordor   the great kat is god odes
count raven   angel of death destruction of the void
my dying bride   symphonaire infernus et spera empyrium meisterwerk I
november's doom   swallowed by the moon the pale haunt departure
swallow the sun   deadly nightshade the morning never came
doomshine   where nothing hurts but solitude thy kingdom come
candlemass   ARX/NG 891 From The 13th Sun
fall of the grey-winged one   hate me aeons of dreams
electric wizard   supercoven supercoven
loss   conceptual funeralism unto the final act (of being) life without hope... death without reason
ticwar   il ritorno the science of crisis
black sabbath   sign of the southern cross mob rules
rigor sardonicus   pandemic apocalypsis damnare
rigor sardonicus   human rot apocalypsis damnare
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