Cy Thoth

Thursday 30 November 2006 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Jim Haynes   Telegraphy By The Sea Telegraphy By The Sea
Unguent   Untitled Black Sinus
GHQ   Lost In The Blinding Sheen of Moonlight Mirrored Heavy Elements
Sailor Winters   Mammoth Part 1 Monolith
Leb-Laze   Life In The Wilderness Excepter / Leb-laze
Joe Colley   Arc and Wrong Lifetime Waste of Songs
The Marshmallow Staircase   Challenger Planet Express
The Heads   Stodgy Under The Stress of a Headlong Dive
The Goslings   Overnight Grandeur of Hair
Om   Rays of the sun / to the shrinebuilder Om/Current 93
High on Fire   The Face of Oblivion Blessed Black Wings
Noothgrush   Erode The Person Erode The Person
Buried At Sea   Untitled Buried At Sea
Sunn O))) & Boris   Etna Altar
Striborg   Wrapped In a Cocoon Out of Harms' Way Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts
Old Wainds   The Darkness of The Northern Sky Withers of The Wainds
Black Funeral   Druj Nasu Az-i-Dahak
John Zorn   Act One Astronome
Solar Anus   Blue Hood Skull Alcoholic
Asunder   Rite of Finality Works Will Come Undone