Nic Electro

Saturday 9 December 2006 6:00am to 9:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ruhr Hunter   In Memeory With Blackest Wings I Fly Record of Shadows Infinite
Loy Fankbonner   Quieto El Pabellon
Vladimir Ussachevsky   12 Film Music
Four Gentlemen of The Guitar   Perfect Grass Cloud
3/4 Had Been Eliminated   In Every Tree... A Year of the Aural Garage...
Aarktica   Happy Anyway ..Or You Could Go Through....
Oblivia   Dead Zone Eve Cage Went in Search...
Space Needle   "Dreams" Voyager
Alan Basso   Four Elements Four Elements
Chris Brown   Master Switch Master Switch Electroacoustic
Volcano the Bear   Digging for Opera One Burned Ma, the
Mecca Normal   Family Swan Family Swan, the
Kitten on the Keys   Kitty Anarchy Pretty Princess Day
Amy X Neuberg   Stone Lab - 20 Years, the
Pink Mountaintops   Plastic Man, You're The Devil Axis of Evol
Xambuca   Tristantzarahasaheartoofglas Gestalt Screams
Tarantula   Embedded in Ice S/T
George Crumb   Nocturnal Sounds (The Awakening) Black Angels; Makrokosmos III
Greg Davis   Truly We Dwell In Happiness A Raga For Peter Walker
The Psychic Paramount   E5 Origins and Primitives, Vol 1+2
Avarus   Snoopysnoop Snooberson Jattilaisrotta