Wednesday 7 February 2007 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
John Zorn   Act Two Astronome
Boris   Side A Vein
Crebain   Sorrow of The Ancients Leviathan/Crebain
The Death Set   Snap T O
Born From Pain   Bury Me Fighting WAR
The USA Is a Monster   Sunset At The End of The Industrial Age Sunset At The End of The Industrial Age
Loachfillet   Endoparasites Cut Throat Rogues
Grayceon   Into The Deep Grayceon
The Atomic Bomb Audition   Annica Ballistic Soma Salvos Eleven Theatres
Medicine & Duty   Heliosexus Approaches We Will Be Bedfellows
La Mujer Que Entretuvo Al Cruel Submarino   Cybercantautores De Mierda Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig, The
Brain Donor   Nagasaki Mushroom Drain'd Boner
Jucifer   Antietam If Thine Enemy Hunger
La Grieta   Deshaceme Hermana Hostia
Monotract   Game 7 Xprmntl Lvrs
The Work   Brickyard Slow Crimes
Huntsville   Add a Key of Humanity For The Middle Class
Franziska Baumann   Lull & Baumann - Where All The Frozen Things Went/Remix Eternal Ice Melts
Axolotl   Chemical Theatre Chemical Theatre