Mr. President

Wednesday 14 March 2007 1:00am to 5:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Einwegexistenz/Out   Talking About Cassettencombinat
Pan-American   Coastal 360 Business/ 360 Bypass
Moodring With Reed, Bradford   Chap.ij Moodring With Bradford Reed and His Amazing Pencilina
Wadada Leo Smith/Susie Ibarra/John Zorn   Ipsissimi John Zorn 50TH Birthday Celebration - Volume 8
Alex Smoke   Slippers and Slappers Shminimal Ep
Tim Berresheim   Roermond 1975 BIS 2006 No Time Left
Eddie Harris   Infrapolations Silver Cycles
Art Ensemble of Chicago   Get In Line a Jackson In Your House
Charles Wuorinen   3rd Piano Concerto: i. allegro giusto On Alligators
Olivier Messiaen   La Constellation du Sagittaire Eclairs Sur L'au-dela...
Luciano Berio   Due Pezzi Differences Sequenza III & VII Due Pezzi
Takagi Masakatsu   Ketle 3 Journal For People
Caribou   A Final Warning Milk of Human Kindness, the
Zeena Parkins   Persuasion Necklace
Franziska Baumann   Lull & Baumann - Where All The Frozen Things Went/Remix Eternal Ice Melts
Takagi Masakatsu   Ketle 1 Journal For People
Nosferatu (soundtrack)   Through Pains to Heaven (Played By Popol Vu)Fantome De
Dirty Three   I Offered It Up to the Stars Whatever You Love, You Are
Frankie Sparo   Camera Welcome Crummy Mystics
Huntsville   Melon For The Middle Class
Tuk   Diamonds For The People Proud Princess of a Brand New City
The American Analog Set   On My Way Fun of Watching Fireworks, the
Jonathan Kane   Pops February