Anubis, God of Jackals

Monday 1 October 2007 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Skaters   2 Dispersed Royalty Ornaments
Perlonex   With Keith Rowe Tensions With Keith Rowe/Charlemagne Palestine
Asmus Tietchens   JWAT 1 Epitaph For John
Frustration   Your Body Full of Sorrow
Eric Copeland   La Booly Boo Hermaphrodite
Von Iva   Hypnotize Our Own Island
Pink Canoes   1 Weather Spies Rough Up The Snow Bullets
Jesu   Blind & Faithless Jesu / Eluvium
Origamibiro   Unravelled In Wreathes Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks
Milanese   Mr Good News Adapt
Naoko & Daisuke Suzuki With Andrew Chalk   Wings of Day Ghosts On Water
Paolo Angelli   Danza Di Un Fermaciuffi Tessuti
Tom Carter/Robert Horton/Michael Shannon   String-board On The Horizontal Plane Turnstone
Tarentel   Golden State Overnight Paper White
Michael Garrick Trio   Moonscape Moonscape
Brzytwa Berthiaume   By The Name Bebe Donkey
and Guests Ex   Sethed Seketelat Moa Anbessa
Robbie Basho   Eagle Sails The Blue Diamond Waters Venus In Cancer
Phillip Greenlief and Covered Pages   Notebook Fragment For Svetlana Cherkina Russian Notebooks
Avarus   Vissyvesi I Rasvaaja
Caribou   Zoe Melody Day
DJ Spooky   Rainbow Country Roots, Rock, Remixed
Volume III Gamelan   Gendhing Tedhak Saking Java: Court Gamelan, Volume III
Mexcellent   RGDWTJPM Atlas Sound/mexcellent
Suspected Terrorists   Kill The Brain, Kill The Ghoul Suspected Terrorists
Job For a Cowboy   Bearing The Serpents Lamb Genesis
Sanctum   Overthrown Stormcrow / Sanctum Split
Enslaved   Heir to The Cosmic Seed RUUN
Don Carlos   Booming Dub Inna Dub Style: Rare Dubs '79-'80
Akimbo   The Curse of King David Navigating The Bronze
Limb From Limb   Old Fools Death, Famine, Plague
Navies   Wire-up The Jaws Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 10
Tuxedomoon   A Home Away Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 10
Bubonic Plague   Polyhedron Instant Coma
Gang Wizard   Exactly At Sea Level April 2005 East Coast Tour Cdr
USA Is a Monster/Mudboy   2 USA Is a Monster + Kites / USA Is a Monster + Mudboy
Business Is Better Now Because of The Nats   Bobadin Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 3
Santiago Mutumbajoy   4:21 Yage Pinta!: Psychedelic Shaman Songs of Santiago Mutumbajoy
Group Inerane   wazan samat Guitars From Agadez
Miss Nelson & Bruce (haack)   School For Robots Way-out Record For Children, The
Habitat Sound System   Hard Rope Dub Meets Prince Zohar and The Mystics
MV/EE & The Bummer Road   Lovelorn We Offer Your Guru
Robert Vincs   saraghina Devic Kingdom
Au   Boute Au
Aki Onda   One Day Ancient & Modern