Will Helm

Friday 7 March 2008 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Animal Collective   Visiting Friends Sung Tongs
Below the Sea   Slow Walkers Les Arbres Depayseront Davanta
Biosphere   Visit Insomnia
Aphex Twin   Gwely Mernans Drukqs
Greg Davis   Brocade(Rewoven) Curling Pond Woods
Vangelis   Bycicle Riders Blade Runner Soundtrack
Expo 70   Outside In Animism
Pocahaunted   Warmest Knives Pocahaunted/robedoor
Boards of Canada   Kaini Industries Music Has the Right to Childrn
M83   A Guitar and a Heart Before the Dawn Heals Us
Vacuous Ninnies   Cripples Fall Down Vacuous Ninnies
Andy Stott   Edyocat Merciless
Heuristic Audio   Fracture Shaded Mind
Fear Falls Burning & Nadja   14:41 Untitled
Mr. Oizo   Drop Urge Need Elle Moustache (Half a Scissor)
Puzzle   Swam So Deep I Drowned Falling to Pieces
Mochipet   Hyphycore Girls Heart Breakcore
Bloodysnowman   Something Else Bloodysnowman
Milanese   Double Face (feat. Kate Kestrel) Adapt
Aphex Twin   COCK/VER10 Drukqs
Thavius Beck   Dichotomy Thru
Interpol   Untitled Turn on the Bright Lights
Rogelio Sosa   Vinylika (2003) an Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music/Fifth A-Chronology
Ildjarn   Analogics-mindache Ildjarn Is Dead: Disc 2
Yatha Sidhra   Part 4 A Meditation Mass
Godflesh   Almost Heaven (Closer Mix) Love and Hate In Dub
Deuter   Haleakala Mystery Haleakala
Lars-Gunnar Bodin   Djuret Med Tva Magar Clouds
Habitat Sound System   Cheating Heart Dub Monosov Swirnoff / Habitat Sound System
Iron Lung   First Night In Sexless/No Sex
Slicing Grandpa   Half Man Half Sandwich Chaos Midnight
Redglaer   Strong Heart, Weak Mind American Masonry
Prurient   Subject and Still, Wanting
Boards of Canada   Sunshine Recorder Geogaddi
Vibracathedral Orchestra   Sway-sage Wisdom Thunderbolt