Guy Montag

Saturday 15 March 2008 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Crystal Castles   Mother Knows Best Crystal Castles/health
Bad Dudes   Animotronic Tito Puente Bad Dudes/ The Pope
Times New Viking   Post Coda My Head Allegory
Zacherley   Spider Man Lullaby Spook Along With...
Edward Scissorhan (soundtrack)   Ice Dance Edward Scissorhands
Ruins   Eating 7 Kinds of Chang Fen Was Too Much Live In Guang Zhou - China
The Pope   Uma Faca (Tutsi Frutti) Bipolar Bear / The Pope - Split
Disjecta   Skeeze Looking for Snags
Aphex Twin   Remix By Afx 26 Mixes for Cash
Bran(...)pos   Pylon 21 Coin-op Khepri
Measles Mumps Rubella   Algorithm of Desire Fantastic Success
The Fix   No Idols At The Speed of Twisted Thought
Meat Beat Manifesto   God O.D. Jonah Sharp Mix Strom the Studio R.M.X.S.
Tino Corp   Hands Over Tom Toms Tino's Breaks V.4 Mambo
Despise You   Guilty View Pcp Scapegoat
Sai Bok Gwai   Got no Friends... Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 7
Voetsek   Dxtxax Bay Area Demolition V4
Neville Brown   Dub of Killamanjaro House of Dub Volume 1
Babs Gonzales   Them Jive New Yorkers Voila!
Boris Morgana   Thirst of Organus Liquid Child
Taiko Island   ? Taiko Island
Weird Little Boy   Totally Poobied Weird Little Boy
Stunt Rock   Audio Selection Number Six This Is Stunt Rock Vol. 3
Substantial   Spaticus (Spit 4 Spat) Sacrifice
Godflesh   Wake (Break Mix) Love and Hate In Dub
Designer   My Favorite Toy Designer/Bunny Brains
Clooney-Crosby   Calcutta Fancy Meeting You Here
Subtropic   Marauding Mo Homebrew
Channels 3 and 4   (B2) Plastic Channels 3 and 4
Naked On The Vague   Mothers Footsteps Blood Pressure Sessions, The
The Monkey Power Trio   UFO Hacking Through The Tentacles of Despair
5ive   Kettle Cove Hesperus
Health   Crimewave Crystal Castles/health
Sexy Prison   Escape From Dude Mountain Bury My Heart at Vladistovok
Foreign Terrain   Artemis Lp 1
The Lords of Outland   More Water Kills For The Money You Can Sleep When You Die
Stronen/Storlokken   Marked East Humcrush
Ulterior Motive Orchestra   I Spy S.P.Y.T.I.M.E.
Tanzwut   Der Wachter Labyrinth Der Sinne + Eps...
Hexlove   Brushed With Cabin Knew Abloom (life's Hood)
Wizardzz   Glimpse of the Hidden City Hidden City of Taurmond
Lazy Magnet   Wilder Climes Is Music Even Good ?
The Egyptians   Inkster Boogie Party Stomp B/w Inkster Boogie, The
X-Ray Eyes   Double Glide X-Ray Eyes
Graham Haynes   Revamp Bpm
Mark Dresser & Trio   Modern Pine Aquifer
Riistetyt   Sairaus Skitsofrenia
Kvoteringen   Det Var Da Sjalva Fan Vidrig Maskinell Framfart
Tarpigh   Maraken Go Hogh Wild!
Wives   The Big Idea Erect the Youth Problem
Frisell/Chamberlain/Martine/Townsend   Floratone Floratone
Von Himmel   Space Mantra Von Himmel