Cy Thoth

Thursday 1 May 2008 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Nadja   Bug/Golem Truth Becomes Death
Loseling Dratsang of Drepung..   Ngontog Gyan Tibet: Heart of The...
Aleister Crowley   Call of First Aethyr-English Hastings Archives, the
Ian Nagoski   Side A Kerflooey
Deutsch Nepal   Chatrine I From Above Dystopian Partycollection
Foundation Hope   Harm and Hinder Tunes For The Wounded
Asva   a Trap For Judges Third Plague, The
Vizusa   Hammers Love Nails Vizusa
Robedoor   Tethered Outside Creation Closer to The Cliff
Religious Knives   Luck Resin
San Francisco Water Cooler   Rockers Escape San Francisco Water Cooler
Marble Sheep & Run-Down Sun's   I Just Stay in the Up-Side Tokyo Flashback 2
Acid King   Drop S/T
Old Man Gloom   Zozobra Seminar III-Zozobra
Horn of Dagoth   Festooned With Snakes and Bereavement Rehearsal Demo II 2007
Cobalt   When Serpents Return Eater of Birds
Sleep   Jerusalem Dopesmoker
Ludicra   Damn the Night Hollow Psalms
Thanaton/Corvus Devexus   The Owls Are Not What They Seem Thanaton/Corvus Devexus
In Disgust   Pity Addict Reality Choke
Conquest For Death   Repentent Or Martyred S/T
warzone womyb   Trapped In a Scene
Uzi Suicide   Krokop's High Kick Comin' At Cha
Bolt Thrower   This Times Its War 4TH Crusade, the
Eye Hate God   Pigs In the Name of Suffering
CROM   Riders of Doom Cocaine Wars 1974-1989, The
Buried At Sea   Untitled Buried At Sea
Nux   Visionary Files/imaginary Walls Signal, The
Jazkamer   Occult Glider Metal Music Machine